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Destiny 2: Where to find the Necromantic Strand


Here's where to find the Necromantic Strand.

Our Necromantic Strand location guide will explain where to find the Necromantic Strand to complete the Essence of Brutality Quest.

The Essence of Brutality is a story-related mission, meaning that you’ll first need to enter the Pyramid after you’ve obtained three pieces of dream armour. Once you’ve finished this quest, you’ll receive the Essence of Brutality.

If you want to complete the Essence of Brutality Questline and earn the Loud Lullaby legendary Hand Cannon, you’ll need to track down the Necromantic Strand.

To find it, you’ll need to head over to Archer’s Line on the Moon. Position yourself in the centre of Archer’s Line and proceed North East down a pathway which will lead to the Hall of Wisdom.

We’ve put together a How to complete the Memory of Sai Mota Mission if you’re struggling!

Here’s a step by step description of the path you’ll need to take to find the Necromantic Strand:

  • Proceed North East from Archer’s Line and follow the path which leads through a large, imposing open gateway.
  • Continue down this path and you’ll hit some enemies and a couple of bollards which will force you to get off your Sparrow. Just ahead there will be a narrow entrance with a glowing green symbol above it – proceed inside.
  • Take the stairs down inside until you emerge on the other side. Come to a stop, look over the ledge to your left and you should see a white light being emitted from a lantern. Fall down onto it, turn around and proceed down a dark, spooky tunnel into the Hall of Wisdom.
  • Once the area opens out, you’ll spot a circular, orange area with a few enemies lurking around. Head towards it and past the orange, overhanging chandelier-looking object.
  • Just past this ‘chandelier’ there’s a broken column which separates the stairs leading further down. Stand right in front of it, look down and search the ground to pick up the Necromantic Strand!

If you’re still unsure as to where it’s located, this video by Esoterickk gets straight to the point:

Once you’ve nabbed the Necromantic Strand, it’s then a case of completing activities and earning 50 Hand Cannon kills to tick off the Essence of Brutality Quest.

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