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Destiny 2: Xenophage Quest guide


We'll take you through the process.

Our Destiny 2: Xenophage quest guide explains how to get the Xenophage Quest, complete the Journey, solve the Xenophage puzzles, unlock the Pit of Heresy and finish all the quest steps.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is now live and it’s brought with it a brand new Exotic Quest for the Xenophage Light Machine Gun. As with many of these questlines, it’s difficult to start and tricky to progress through, so we’ve put together a guide which will help you complete it with minimal fuss.

Destiny 2: How to complete the Xenophage Quest

How to start the Xenophage Exotic Quest

To start the Xenophage Exotic Quest, you need to head to Sorrow’s Harbor. Once you’ve reached the Harbor, head into the tower and proceed through the tunnels until you reach a light in the centre of the cave.

Once you’ve hit this light, look up and jump into the small entrance in the wall to the right. Follow this path until you reach a platform with a chest marker, overlooking the spooky pyramid.

You’ll be flanked by four statues, two on each side. Your aim is to light them in a specific order so a large chest nearby opens.

There are many different combinations according to the community, but here’s one which worked for Datto:

Top Right, Bottom Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.

Do this successfully and a chest will spawn nearby. Crack it open to begin the Xenophage quest.

How to complete Emergence and The Journey

To complete this part of the Xenophage quest you need to head to the Anchor of Light. There’s a specific building you need to enter, in which, there’s a flaming orb you need to pick up. Once you’ve got the orb, you need to race against the clock lighting Lecterns hidden around the area in a specific order. You will have 60 seconds to light the first Lectern, and this timer resets every time you do so.

The first Lectern is right next to the orb’s spawn point.

For the next few, this video by Iwan (shared by reddit user Komaric_) shows the exact route you need to take.

If you’re unable to watch the video, this map created by reddit user Dopmeister pinpoints each of the Lectern’s locations.

Once you’ve lit up all the Lecterns, you’ll get the next Quest Step of The Journey.

How to get the four Path Fragments

To complete this part of the quest, you need to visit each of the Lost Sectors on the Moon, clear them of enemies, loot the chest and proceed out of the exit path. As you exit, keep an eye out for strange Hive symbols on the walls. It’s these symbols you’ll need to shoot in a specific order to spawn a chest, which – you guessed it – contains a Path Fragment.

The puzzles look a little something like this.

Here’s each Xenophage Puzzle combination:

  • Archer’s Line: Top Left, Bottom Left, Middle, Middle Right
  • Sorrow’s Harbor: Right Middle, Left Middle, Middle, Middle, Left Middle, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Middle.
  • Hellmouth: Top Right, Middle Left, Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Middle, Bottom Middle.
  • Anchor of Light: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Middle.

Access the Pit of Heresy

For this part of the Quest, you’ll first need to speak to Eris Morn in Sanctuary. She’ll give you a new quest “The Deepening Wake”, which you’ll need to complete in order to gain access to the Pit of Heresy Dungeon.

To complete The Deepening Wake, you need to Open a Tier III+ Chest at the Altars of Sorrow, and Defeat 20 Nightmares at the Altars of Sorrow. To do this, travel to Sorrow Harbor and seek out Nightmares.

Once you’ve attacked one, this will trigger an Escalation Protocol-esque wave-clearing activity in which you’ll need to defeat a certain amount of Nightmares before the clock runs out. Defeating enemies adds time to the clock, so it’s important you clear waves as well as focus fire on the Nightmares.

When you’ve ticked this quest off, speak with Eris Morn and you’ll have access to the Pit of Heresy Dungeon which has a recommended Power Level of 940.

Once you’re inside the Pit of Heresy

Wall of Doorways

So, head into the Dungeon and complete the first encounter. You’ll come to a bridge which leads into a wall of doorways.

Look out for the doorway without a little medallion on it to the top left of the wall. You will need to hop up into it, walk to the end of the corridor and interact with the symbol on the floor. This will grant you the “Discovery” quest step.

Dunking the Orb

Proceed to the next encounter and it’ll take you to a room with a Pariah Ogre. Pay attention to the cliff side on the left of this room, and drop down. Run along and keep an eye out for a small plate. Stand on the plate and three platforms will appear in the air. Jump on these platforms, reach the third and grab the orb.

Jump back across with orb in tow, turn right, run along cliff edge, jump up and follow the path to the right to the secret boss. There will be a doorway in which you can dunk the orb and advance the quest.

Video by xHOUNDISHx

Fight the boss and you’ll be assigned a “dread”. These correspond to one of the four elements: Arc, Solar, Void, and Neutral. These symbols will appear on the bottom left of your screen. Once you’ve identified which element you are, grab the orb from the centre of the arena and dunk it into the corresponding node, which will be the symbol shown on your UI.

This will grant you a buff which will allow you to damage the boss with the elemental weapon which corresponds to your dread.

Rinse and repeat this process, defeat the boss and return to Eris Morn when you’re done. She’ll give you the Xenophage Exotic Weapon as a reward – nicely done!

If you’re after more Exotics, why not have a glance at our Leviathan’s Breath and Symphony of Death quest guides!

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