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Doomfist Tips: Rocket Punch tricks and strategy advice – Overwatch


Hit your enemies even harder.

Doomfist thrives in close quarters combat, bashing foes with his cybernetic gauntlet and slamming them into walls. He’s able to career across the battlefield with insane mobility, before soaring into the air before hitting the ground in one explosive swoop.

Rocket Punch is Doomfist’s flagship ability, allowing him to dart across maps and potentially one-shot enemies who are unlucky enough to get in the way of his chunky robotic knuckles. We’ve put together a few advanced tips to help you make the most of this hard-hitting ability.

As we get more hands on time with Doomfist, we’ll update this article with even more tips and advice. Keep this page bookmarked for more strategy advice in the future!

Rocket Punch tips and tricks

  • If you’ve singled out a target, charge up Rocket Punch to maximum energy and ensure you land the hit. It’s stupidly powerful and can obliterate low health targets!
  • There’s no need to charge Rocket Punch all the way to maximum energy every time you use it. It still deals decent damage when unleashed on half energy, or even just from a little tap of the RMB.
  • You can catch enemies like Pharah in the air by using Rocket Punch quickly after Rising Uppercut!
  • If you’re indoors, remember that Rocket Punch’s damage multiplies if you send an enemy crashing into a wall. Look for flanking opportunities when you’re in an enclosed space and Rocket Punch targets from the side – they’ll be doomed.
  • Tanks like D.Va and Winston aren’t a problem for Doomfist. Preempt an aggressive push by charging your Rocket Punch and waiting for the enemy to pour in. Imagine playing Winston, jumping in and being greeted by a colossal fist to the glasses. He’s got the perfect ability to hamstring an enemy engagement.
  • Mobility is one of Doomfist’s fortes, and Rocket Punch is an integral part of his crazy map traversal ability. When you’re coming out of spawn, 90% of the time this combo will cover a huge amount of ground in next to no time: Rocket Punch, Rising Uppercut, Seismic Slam.
  • Sometimes it’s best to engage with other abilities like Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut, and leaving Rocket Punch as the escape tool. It makes you a hard target to hit, and can be activated in an instant- perfect for cheesing it out of a sticky situation.

After a comprehensive look at everything Doomfist? Our Doomfist guide contains absolutely everything you need to know about the new hero.

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