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Elimination 3v3 guide – Overwatch


The best heroes and team comps for Blizzard's new 3v3 mode.

The latest Overwatch patch has introduced an impressive amount of content to the live servers, with Arcade Mode providing a new home for the more casual Overwatch player to have fun messing around in. The most popular addition though – beyond new hero Sombra – is the new Elimination mode, which for the first time provides an official arena for heroes to do battle with each other in a 3v3 brawl. Our guide is designed to help you get on top of this terrifyingly frantic new format!

It’s important to note that the community is still trying to wrap its head around the best strategies for 3v3 fights. With that said, a consensus is slowly beginning to emerge around the fundamental structure of the strongest team comps you should try to work towards, and typically consists of a Tank, a Support, and then one pick from a wider pool of more offensive heroes.

We’re going to be coming back to our Elimination guide regularly in the weeks and months ahead, and will tweak our advice to suit the adapting Overwatch metagame. We’d love to hear about your own experiences and strategies in the comments section too, so we can make this guide the definitive resource for 3v3 combat in Overwatch!

With all that out of the way, here’s our guide to dominating Elimination mode. Don’t forget to check out our Ecopoint Antarctica guide for insight into the map itself before heading in as well – it’s not a complex map by any means, but every little bit of intel helps! You’ll also be able to find plenty more useful advice from our Arcade Mode guide hub as well.

Best Tank

Roadhog is almost certainly your best choice of Tank in Elimination Mode, and not just because of his ridiculous health pool and ability to self-heal. Antarctica is a pretty tight map all things considered, and so you’ll be doing a lot of fighting in more confined spaces where landing a Hookshot is easier to do. He’s just an all-round pain in the backside for a small opposing team to deal with, and do so without getting torn to shreds in the process.

Tank notes: Let’s give a special shout out to Zarya as a secondary choice, and someone who can arguably give Roadhog a run for his money. There aren’t really enough chokepoints to make Reinhardt a priority pick here, and although D.Va has nice mobility for splattering enemy Support heroes wherever they may be, her Ultimate is too easy to dodge on this map.

Best Support

While some are predicting a bit of a Widowmaker comeback in 3v3, you’ll get the best performance out of Ana when it comes to both opportunistic sniping and support. The ability to put an enemy to sleep is an incredibly powerful in this format as well, with a 3 v 2 match-up representing a much more imbalanced proposition than a 6 v 5. Just make sure the person in this slot knows what they’re doing.

Support notes: Given the reduced number of slots, it’s vital that you have enough firepower to deal with the enemy threat in Elimination mode. For this reason, Mercy’s practically useless, while Lucio’s output is a bit too unwieldy and his healing aura doesn’t hit as many friendly targets. We’ll add a special note here that Zenyatta could be a fine alt-pick, thanks to his ability to deal pretty decent snipe damage from range, while simultaneously juggling healing duties.

Best Offense and Defense

This one’s a lot tougher tougher to call, so we’re going to give you more options along with a little insight.

Anyone with the ability to sustain themselves in combat gets a big fat tick next to their name in Elimination, and so Soldier: 76 stands out immediately as a strong choice. McCree’s outstanding stun/kill combo – delivered early on – can be a decisive play but you’d like a little more mobility. Genji provides that very neatly in the kind of assassin role that suits this mode. If you’re really good at surviving in her shoes, you might like to play Tracer too.

A side-note here on Defense characters. Could the thematic home of Mei provide her with an opportunity to really shine? Quite possibly, given that she’s much stronger in a 1v1 situation than a big team brawl, and her temporary invulnerability / self-heal ability could prove very powerful.

In short, we need to refine our thinking here a little more before committing to specific recommendations. The DPS slot is a lot more fluid, and so you probably want to lean towards playing your strongest hero here for now.

Our most popular Overwatch guides:

Team comps and builds

Taking all of the above into consideration, you probably want to be looking at a team composition that takes elements from the following picks. You want one of the Tanks, one Support and one of the Offense/Defense characters.

Each category is listed in order of what we currently believe to be the strongest pick, but your personal skill levels within each category should be the deciding factor – these are close calls and we’re going to have to revisit this soon.

Hero Role Featured guide
Mei Defense Mei guide
Soldier: 76 Offense Soldier: 76 guide
Genji Offense Genji guide
Tracer Offense Tracer guide
Ana Support Ana guide
Zenyatta Support Zenyatta guide
Roadhog Tank Roadhog guide
Zarya Tank Zarya guide

Of course, we’ll end on a final note that the strategies in this guide are likely to be quite popular and counter-strategies may well develop over time. We’ll keep a close eye on how this exciting new corner of the Overwatch metagame plays out, and update if necessary!

Please let us know your own tips in the comments and we’ll add them to this guide when we next update it.

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