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Fortnite: All Carbide and Omega Poster locations


Where to find all Carbide and Omega Posters across Fortnite's map.

Our Fortnite All Carbide and Omega Posters locations page details where to find and spray over every Carbide and Omega Poster on the Battle Royale map.

It’s that time of the week again, the one where you have to root around the map for a strange object or item of some kind in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This time players have been tasked with seeking out Carbide and Omega posters hidden across the map and spraying over them using the emote wheel. To complete the challenge and claim your Battle Stars you’ll need to spray over a grand total of seven posters.

Those attempting the challenge without any assistance? We tip our hats to you, because that takes some serious dedication. However, if you’re after a quick and easy challenge completion that won’t involve hours of painstakingly searching the map for posters, then we’ve got the guide just for you.

Below you’ll find a list of all 16 poster locations across the map, along with a brilliant video by Flamm who showcases their whereabouts in-game. Right at the bottom of the page we’ve also linked a map by redditor kh79 which also makes for a very helpful resource when hunting these Carbide and Omega posters down.

Our Week 6 Challenges guide has got you covered if you’re struggling with any other tasks!

All Carbide and Omega Poster locations

Here’s a list of where you’ll find all the posters across the map.

Don’t make the mistake of running off without spraying over these posters!

Video by Flamm

  • South West of Dusty Divot – On the mountain, by the tents.
  • Shipping Crates between Tomato Town and Retail Row – In the little hut by a dumpster on the very South Western tip of this location.
  • Tunnel underneath Tomato Town – In the tunnel by a door with a “leave” sign above it.
  • West of Pleasant Park – Just inside the large abandoned house.
  • Prison – On the East side.
  • South East of Shifty Shafts – Just outside the little hut by the bridge that leads South East out of Shifty.
  • South East Tilted Towers – Head to the South Eastern tip, run past the lorry, head down the steps and you’ll see the poster on your left.
  • Center of Loot Lake – Inside the building.
  • North West Greasy Grove – Just outside one of the burger joint’s entrances.
  • Hill West of Greasy Grove – Inside the Western part of the house on top of the large hill.
  • Central Junk Junction – Inside the building with the large living space.
  • East Side House – In the basement of the house on the very Eastern edge of the map South of Lonely Lodge.
  • RV Park – Go to the RV park East of Retail Row. It’s at the Southern end, inside a little hut.
  • North East of Flush Factory – Inside the huge dance floor, on the South Eastern side.
  • West of Anarchy Acres – Inside the Motel, by the reception on the South side.
  • North East of Wailing Woods – Inside the very bottom of the huge house with the wooden structure snaking around it.

Do make sure you give the video a thumbs up if you found it helpful and consider subscribing to Flamm’s channel too!

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Carbide and Omega Poster map

If you’re after a closer look at almost all poster locations across Fortnite’s map, have a look at this image created by Redditor kh79.

Click on the map to zoom in.

Again, thanks to kh 79 for the map as it’s the perfect tool for bringing up on another screen while you’re in-game.

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