Fortnite: All Cube Memorial locations


Where to find all the Cube Memorial locations.

Our Fortnite All Cube Memorials locations guide will help you find both Cube Memorial locations to complete this mission.

One of this week’s Fortnite missions involves tracking down either a Cube Memorial in “the desert” or by “a lake”. When it comes to the Prestige version, you’ll need to hike over to both of them, and pay your respects to Kevin in the process, of course.

As we’ve just mentioned, both of these locations are memorials to Kevin, the cube which rampaged around the map, imprinted the map with a bunch of runes, and promptly exploded. Oh, the memories.

To complete this mission, simply wander up to both of these cubes and the UI will notify you when you’ve ticked them off.

Here’s GameClipsandTips showing us where to find them both:

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Finally, here’s a handy map showing you their locations at a quick glance:

Click on the image to zoom in.

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