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Fortnite: Battle Royale Daily Challenges list – Rewards, reset times and more


Everything you need to know about the Daily Challenge quest system.

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Daily Challenges guide features a list of quests, reset times and rewards information with tips for completing each one.

Daily Challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale provide you with a different, specific task to complete on a daily basis. These might involve eliminating the competition with a certain weapon type, or simply surviving longer than the opposition in solos or squads. There’s a fair amount on offer and you’ll work towards them naturally as you play too.

Some of these tasks will take a bit longer to complete than others, and so you can bank up to three Daily Challenges at any one time. This way you can work towards multiple challenges as you play the game, instead of inching towards completion on a single, very tricky task.

In this article you’ll find a breakdown of all the Daily Challenges we’re currently aware of in Fortnite: Battle Royale, along with a few tips for wrapping each one up nice and quickly – handy if it requires a playstyle you’re not exactly wild about.

Editor’s Note: We’ve combed through this guide and made sure that it’s bang up to date for the latest season of Fortnite. For a comprehensive look at all the new content that’s launched with Season 4, make sure you have a read of our Season 4 guide!


The following links will take you straight to the section of the guide you’re most interested in:

1. Which Daily Challenges are available?

2. When do Daily Challenges reset?

3. How do you abandon a Daily Challenge?

4. What are the rewards for finishing Daily Challenges?

Which Daily Challenges are available?

Here are all of the Daily Challenges we’re aware of in Fortnite: Battle Royale. If there’s one we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll include the information when we next update this article.

Outlive Solo Players

Objective: Outlive players in the Solo queue

To finish this you’re going to have to survive longer than 150 other poor souls. Note from the name of this challenge that you must complete the objective while in the Solo queue. No teaming up with friends for this one we’re afraid.

This is one of those occasions where you best bet is to simply focus on avoiding combat altogether, and let the rest of the pack pick each other off. The longer you can last in this manner, the faster you’ll finish the objective. There’s not much more to say about it really.

If you need help finishing this one up, you might find out Solo tips, tricks and strategy page a handy resource.

Outlive Squad Players

Objective: Outlive players in the Duo queue

This is another survival challenge, but this time around you’ll have to last longer than 150 other people while playing in the Squad queue. Again, if you’re looking to wrap this one up with a few buddies, the name of the game is to stay out of sight and out of the other players’ minds…

Effective Squad mode play requires a very different mindset, so take a look at our Squad tips, tricks and strategy guide for more insight into how to win as a team.

Outlive Players:

Objective: Outlive 200 players

The Outlive Players challenge has you competing to survive longer than 200 other players across a series of games. The longer you last, the more progress you’ll tick off basically, and you’ll bag yourself 500 experience once you’ve completed it.

In terms of tips for beating this, you’re obviously highly encouraged to play the waiting game here, and focus on staying out of trouble for as long as you. Stay away from crowded areas, focus on survival and evasion above all else, and you should get this one finished in pretty short order.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using a Sniper Rifle

In this task, the objective is pretty simple, and you need to kill a total of five other players using a sniper rifle. It goes without saying that the more adapt you are at using these weapons, the easier a time you’ll have of this

Assuming you’ve reached a point where you can land your shots reliably, get up high and look for a great vantage spot from which you can camp and take out the trash. Remember too that knockdowns don’t count towards the progress of this challenge, and so you’ll want to hit up the solo queue for quick, clean kills.

Remember also, that Snipers are subject to bullet velocity. When your enemies are running, make sure you compensate by aiming ahead of them to account for bullet travel, and if they’re far away, make sure you aim above them to account for bullet drop.

This Sniper challenge can be particularly frustrating if you’re not comfortable with them, but this is a great excuse to practice and improve your aim. Keep at it, and you’ll get there!

Take a look at our guide to the best weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale for an overview of what you should be packing as a priority.

Assault Rifle Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using an Assault Rifle

Like the Sniper Rifle challenge, this one tasks you with eliminating other players using Assault Rifles. Again, you’ll need to pick off a total of five opponents to finish up the task. This time around you’re going to need to get into the thick of battle a little more – no hiding up high and picking off your victims for you!

With this said, it’s a challenge that you’re likely to complete naturally over time. Assault Rifles are great weapons at mid to long range, so focus on dishing out tackling fights at these ranges to increase your chances of bagging an elimination.

SMG Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using an SMG

Just like the other weapon-based challenges, to finish this one up you need to wipe out five other players using an SMG. This is the most frantic one of the lot really, as you’ll have to get pretty up close and personal to make a quick kill using these weapons.

Seek out an SMG in the early game when enemies are less likely to be armoured up and let loose. Otherwise, save building materials so you can approach enemies at close range safely by putting up walls, ramps – the lot.

If you’re really struggling, we’d say teaming up with friends makes this somewhat simpler. The reason being that enemies go into a down-but-not-out state when playing in squads, so as long as you finish them off with an SMG it’ll count towards the challenge.

Search Chests

Objective: Search five chests

You should find this one pretty easy to tick off, as you simply need to have a good rummage around inside a total of five chests.

Your best bet here is to head to the less populated corners of the map, so you have a greater chance of finding unopened chests – and avoid getting your head blown off before you can loot them, of course. Note that Ammo Boxes do not count towards the total when it comes to wrapping this one up.

A great location for this is Snobby Shores as it’s not too popular and has a surprising amount of chests on offer. All in all though, you’ll get this quest done pretty quickly if you forget kills and just go mad running about and hunting down chests no matter what.

Make sure you take a look at our map locations guide for an overview of all the locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Search Ammo Boxes

Objective: Search Ammo Boxes

These are the smaller, darkened boxes that you’ll come across as you roam the map, and you’ll need to open up a certain number of them to finish the challenge. Houses are good places to find these items, and they can be sprinkled throughout each one. Make sure you have a good clear out before moving on to your next location.

Play Matches

Objective: Play three matches

As the name suggests, to complete this Daily Challenge you simply need to play a total of three matches in any mode. It also stacks rather neatly with every other task you happen to be working towards at the same time. Note that if you quit a match it doesn’t always count, so kill yourself or just stroll into a firefight to check out of the game nice and early on…

Place Top 6 in Squads

Objective: Finish in the top six in Squad mode

This one’s pretty self explanatory really and involves finishing in the top six when playing in squads mode. To get this challenge complete, your best bet is to employ a stealthy tactic with friends, perhaps moving with the Storm as it closes in. Ideally you’ll want to avoid combat wherever possible and focus simply on reaching the criteria. Once you’ve done so, let loose!

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

When do Daily Challenges reset?

A new Daily Challenge will turn up each day, and the exact time for the switchover is 4:00pm PST. That’s 7:00pm EST, 12:00am in the UK and 1:00am in Europe.

How do you abandon a Daily Challenge?

If you really can’t stomach the thought of finishing the task you’ve been given, you can simply selected “Inspect Challenges” from the menu, then abandon the one you don’t want to keep any more. You won’t get another one until the next reset though, so don’t be too aggressive at throwing these XP-earning opportunities away.

What are the rewards for finishing Daily Challenges?

Completing each one of the Daily Challenges that we’ve highlighted in this guide will reward you with 500 experience points.

Experience points are used to increase your season level. Increasing your season level rewards you with Battle Stars. These are in turn used to level up your Battle Pass (assuming you’ve bought one).

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Battle Pass can be pretty difficult to understand, but our comprehensive Battle Pass guide has got you covered!

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