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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Leaderboards (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


How to find out who's really top dog in the game.

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale leaderboards guide explains how the best third-party stat trackers for the game work on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Keen to find out how you stack up against your friends in Fornite: Battle Royale? Maybe you just want to see where you stand in the global rankings for the game, whether that’s for your number of wins, kill / death ratio, or just matches played.

The good news is that there are a number of different options out there for tracking your progress in the game, and we wanted to put together a quick guide to some of the biggest. Depending on your preferred measures of success, you may want to use more than one of them.

If you use a different leaderboard system for Fortnite: Battle Royale – one we haven’t featured here – please let us know the details in the comments and we’ll include it in our next update to this guide.

Fortnite Tracker

FortniteTracker is one of the most popular leaderboard trackers for Fortnite: Battle Royale, and you can sort results by a huge number of variables from outright win percentages to kills per minute, and many, many more options besides.

You’ll need to enter your Epic Account name to get your stats tracked, and the team behind FortniteTracker have put together a quick guide on how to go about doing exactly that. Basically, PC gamers should already have ready access to their Epic name but it’s a bit more fiddly for console players.

They’ll instead have to go to the official Fortnite site, select the player profile icon in the top-right (next to Download), then selection PlayStation or Xbox from the drop-down menu. From here you’ll either see your Epic Account name (if it’s already been set up), or you’ll be prompted to create one.

Now simply enter that name at FortniteTracker and you’ll see a list of all your latest stats, straight from Epic’s server infrastructure. There’s even a mobile app which you can download from the FortniteTracker site, in case you want to study your past performances on the go.

Note that it takes around 15 minutes for leaderboards to fully refresh, so don’t panic if it takes a little while for your latest matches to show up. Server issues at Epic’s end can also cause longer delays.

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Storm Shield One

Storm Shield One is another leaderboard site, albeit one with considerably less filtering options for those who want to see how they stack up against the broader competition. It does at least track progress in the Save the World component of Fortnite as well though – handy if you dabble in both sides of the game.

Once you’ve sourced your Epic name you can begin browsing through stats right on the leaderboard page, and you can see how often you turn up in the Top 5 / 10 or what-have-you, along with the usual metrics you’d expect from this sort of thing.

A bonus feature of the site is the ability to see at a glance which items are on sale in the shop at any given time, along with historical pricing info. That should give some guidance on how likely a future discount is for an item you’ve got your eye on.

Fortnite Stats

Fortnite Stats does exactly what you’d expect from the name, highlighting a primitive array of statistics on player performance.

Although it’s not quite as feature-rich as the other two leaderboards mentioned in this article, it does allow you to track some of the biggest Twitch streamers and YouTubers who are playing the game on the Verified section of the site.

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