Fortnite: Furthest Point locations guide – North, East, South and West


Where to find all the Furthest Points for this week's challenge.

Where to find all the Furthest Points on the map for this Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 challenge.

For this Week 2 Season 8 challenge, you’ll need to visit the North, South, East and Westernmost points on the map.

You can visit all these locations in no particular order and your progress will save across games – just make sure you don’t quit out early as you’ll lose this progress!

To make the process of finding them all pain free, we’ve highlighted all of these points on a map for you and provided a brief text summary too.

All Furthest Point Locations

To complete this challenge you’ll need to visit all the points we’ve highlighted. You can do this in no particular order and the UI will notify you when you’ve successfully visited one of these locations.

  • North: North of the racetrack by Junk Junction. It’s right on the cliff edge.
  • East: East of the mansion south of Lonely Lodge, right on the cliff edge.
  • South: South of Lucky Landing, right at the tip of the dirt track.
  • West: Just west of Snobby Shores, on the cliff edge.

Here’s HarryNinetyFour’s video which shows you exactly where to find them:

Do make sure to give this video a watch if you found it helpful and consider subscribing to his channel for more content like this.

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