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Fortnite: Ragnarok Skin – Challenges, Pickaxe and All Styles


How to unlock and upgrade this Season 5 skin.

Our Fortnite Ragnarok skin page contains a list of all the Season 5 Ragnarok challenges, the Pickaxe and images of all the styles.

Much like Fortnite’s Drift and Road Trip skins, Ragnarok is another upgradable outfit introduced with the wave of Season 5 content. Owners of the Season 5 Battle Pass will unlock the base Ragnarok skin once they’ve reached the final tier (100) and then it’s a case of earning enough EXP over time to upgrade it to its final form.

If you’ve ever played a God of War game, then we’d best describe Ragnarok’s base skin as a Kratos look alike. Upgrade it though and he’ll don a skull mask, gain a flowing cape and eventually eyes that leak a wispy blue aura. As with any of the upgradeable skins, you can choose which bits and pieces you want to equip to personalise the armour to your liking – it’s all about looking good after all.

Epic’s also made a nice little change on the “unlock” front. Once you’ve unlocked the base skin, you’ll now be able to upgrade it for the foreseeable future. No longer will your progress be locked away forever!

In the guide below we’ll explain how to unlock Ragnarok, what challenges you’ll need to complete in order to upgrade Ragnarok to max level and provide a closer look at all the styles and the Pickaxe too.

How to unlock Ragnarok

To unlock Ragnarok you’ll first need to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass. Once you’ve done this, you’ve only got the small task of maxing it out! You’ll need to reach tier 100 by playing many, many games and completing weekly challenges to earn Battle Stars.

As soon as you’ve hit the Level 100 mark, the base Ragnarok skin will be yours.

How to unlock all Ragnarok Styles

Ragnarok has 5 tiers in total, and to unlock each one you’ll need to earn EXP. There aren’t specific Ragnarok-based activities you’ll need to complete. Instead, it’s a case of earning enough base EXP to reach the next threshold.

You can significantly increase your EXP earning rate by completing Weekly Challenges and collecting the Battle Stars they have to offer. It’s highly recommended you aim to get them all done each week if you want to unlock Ragnarok before Season 5 comes to a close.

Those who own Ragnarok once Season 5 ends will be able to upgrade it for the foreseeable future, so all the more reason to get your mitts on it!

Here’s a list of all the EXP you’ll need to earn to unlock all the Ragnarok styles:

Style EXP Level
1 35,000 24-25
2 75,000 35
3 125,000 44-45
4 250,000* 60
5 500,000 78-79

*Complete four challenges and you’ll unlock the Permafrost Pickaxe to go with the Ragnarok set.

Credit goes to speedyproYT for the info.

All Ragnarok Styles

Here’s a closer look at all the Ragnarok styles from 1 to 6, as well as the Permafrost Pickaxe:

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