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Fortnite: Road Trip and Drift skins guide – Secret Battle Star locations and All Challenges List


How to complete the Road Trip and Drift skin challenges in Season 5 of Fortnite.

Our Fortnite Road Trip and Drift Skin Challenges guide explains how to unlock and upgrade the Road Trip and Drift skins in Season 5 of Fortnite as well as find the associated Secret Battle Stars each week.

Following in Season 4’s footsteps, Season 5 has introduced another set of skin challenges. It’s actually pretty easy to miss if you’re caught up in all the Rifts, new map locations and the All Terrain Kart that have made their way into the game.

Purchase the Battle Pass and you’ll be granted a free upgradable Legendary Skin called Drift, as well as unlock the ability to complete exclusive Weekly Challenges, with “Roadtrip” also being a part of this setup.

Drifter’s base skin looks like a regular dude sporting a quiff and wearing a bandana. Invest some time completing the associated Drift challenges though, and you’ll begin unlocking pieces of armour which’ll slowly but surely transform this character into something pretty special.

Going by the previous season’s “The Visitor” skin, we can safely assume completing the all the Roadtrip challenges will gift you a special outfit to show off your prowess.

In the guide below we’ll take you through how to access these tasks, what they ental, and the rewards you’ll earn for completing them.

For a comprehensive overview of everything that’s been introduced with Fortnite Season 5, make sure you check out our Season 5 guide!


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How do I access these skin challenges?

If you want to unlock these special skins, you’ll need to purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass first. It costs 950 V-Bucks, which equates to around £7.99 in real world currency. To get hold of one you’ll need to navigate over to the “Battle Pass” tab on the main menu screen.

Once you’ve done so, click “Purchase” and you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll get a choice between the 950 V-Bucks Battle Pass or the 2,800 V-Bucks Battle Bundle. If you’re after the standard Battle Pass, select the former option. For added extras, select the latter.

Go through the whole payment process and you’ll be brought back to the main menu, this time with V-Bucks in your account. Select the Battle Pass tab again, click purchase and that’s your Battle Pass purchase complete!

It’s from here on out that you’ll be able to access all Weekly Challenges and Skin Challenges.

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All Drift Challenges

Completing all the Drift Challenges to upgrade your Drift skin isn’t all that difficult really, it’s just a long-winded process.

Essentially it boils down to playing the game and earning enough EXP to unlock all 5 individual components. Completing 4 of them will reward you with the Rift Edge Pickaxe which crackles with a pink energy.

With help earning EXP and levelling up, you’ll find our Fortnite: Levelling guide- Fast levelling, rewards, ranks and unlocks page very helpful!

All Road Trip Challenges

In an identical fashion to Season 4’s Blockbuster challenge, you’ll start the process of unlocking a mystery Legendary Skin by completing all Weekly Challenges over a seven week period.

Complete a full set of challenges each week and you’ll be rewarded with a special Loading Screen. This will contain a clue to help you find a hidden Battle Star across the map. Rinse and repeat this method for seven weeks to bag the mystery Road Trip skin!

Week 4

For Week 4, HarryNinetyFour’s got us covered again. This time you’ll find the Battle Star on the very Western edge of Paradise Palms. Watch the video below for the exact spot.

  • The Battle Star is on top of the camel statue at the end of the road leading West out of Paradise Palms.

Week 3

As per usual, HarryNinetyFour’s located the Week 3 Battle Star and it’s tucked away in the North Eastern corner of Wailing Woods.

  • You’ll find this Battle Star at the North Eastern corner of Wailing Woods. It’s at the end of the dirt path near the large wooden lodge.

Week 2

The video below by HarryNinetyFour illustrates where to find Week 2’s Battle Star. For this start to appear, you’ll need to finish off all Week 2 Challenges. If you’re struggling with any of them, make sure you visit our Week 2 Challenges guide for strategy advice and tips to completing the entire list.

  • You’ll find this Battle Star at the very top of the main Lazy Links building.
  • Again, make sure you interact with the Battle Star to progress this challenge.

Week 1: Secret Battle Star

Here’s where to find the Week 1 Battle Star, courtesy of HarryNinetyFour. Just remember that you’ll have to complete all the Week 1 Challenges for it to appear on the map. If you need help in this department, our Week 1 Challenges guide has you covered.

  • You’ll find it towards the tip of the huge Pickaxe shaped mine west of Lazy Links.
  • Simply wander over to the spot and interact with the Battle Star to secure it.

That concludes the second edition of our Road Trip and Drift skin challenges guide, but we’ll expand on it further over time – stay tuned!

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