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Fortnite: Secrets and Easter Eggs


Here's how to find all of Fortnite's amusing surprises and sneaky secrets.

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Secrets and Easter Eggs guide will take you through all the secrets you’ll find dotted about the map.

After spending a good amount of time playing the game, we found that Fortnite Battle Royale’s map is filled with a fair few easter eggs, not to mention some pretty intriguing secrets too. Although quite a few of them are rather easy to find – and others are frankly hiding in plain sight – the final few are hidden so artfully that the odds of finding them by accident alone are really rather slender.

Fortnite’s constantly evolving and many of its secrets and easter eggs tease the possibility of some big events happening in the future. While we’ve discovered some of these for ourselves, we’ve also got the community to thank for digging up some of these elusive bases, mansions and…teddy bears?

Without further ado, here are all the easter eggs and secrets we currently know are sprinkled around the map. You’ll also gain a fair bit of insight into how they relate to the game’s overall universe as well.

Editor’s UPDATE: Season 5‘s introduced all sorts of Easter Eggs and we’ve compiled quite a few at the top of this page. We’ll add more as we find them – stay tuned!

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Any Easter Eggs that we’ve marked with an asterisk* won’t be in the game anymore but we’ve kept details of them here, because it’s nice to look back at the good old times right?

Race Track

Replacing the squiggly, dirt track is a proper race track that’s perfect for drifting the All Terrain Kart around.

Image – FortniteINTEL

Lazy Links Golf Course

Head on over to Lazy Links and you’ll find a golf course, which is perfect for those who’ve got the Golf Ball Toy. Get your mates together and get a full 18 holes in. If you successfully sink a ball, the killfeed will even tell you how far your drive or putt was!

Moai Heads

Seemingly randomly generated, you’ll find ancient Moai themed heads when moving across the map. They’re based off the enormous monolithic statues you find on Easter Island, carved by the Rapa Nui people all the way back in years 1250 and 1500. Bet they didn’t expect them to be in Fortnite eh?

Image – MrDalekJD

Look out for them as they’re also excellent chest locations too, with some even granting up to three chests in one spot!

Viking Village

On the enormous hill just South East of Snobby Shores and you’ll find a fully fledged Viking Village. An enormous Viking ship’s also planted on the edge of the waterfall which indicates they’ve probably been pulled into the world unexpectedly while rowing through the misty shores of some brisk Nordic waters.

Image – FortniteINTEL

Goodbye Tomato Sign

The Rift’s whisked away the ever-smiling Tomato head mascot in Tomato Town and it looks as if the community is still in mourning. Head on up to the roof of the pizza parlour and you’ll find a toppled sign that reads, “Goodbye” with a tomato symbol next to it – brings a tear to our eye.

Durr Burger Head

On a hill near Pleasant Park you’ll find the Durrburger head that was featured in Fortnite Season 5’s opening trailer. It’s tongue has been tagged with a Drift-themed Season 5 graffiti.

Dinosaur Exhibit, Truck’N Oasis Camel, Wild West Stage Coach

Follow the road running through Paradise Palms and you’ll bump into a T-Rex, Diplodocus and Trcieratops exhibit. There’s always been hints towards dinosaurs in Fortnite, so could this be an even bigger tease? We wouldn’t be surprised if something Jurassic kicks off, especially with all these mysterious new Rifts floating around now.

On the road leading out of Paradise Palms, you’ll spot a Truck’N Oasis camel statue by the road, complete with Vending Machine, trucker cap and sipping on a soda.

To the North of Paradise Palms you’ll also find a Wild West Stage coach!

Hatch in Wailing Woods*

Players have reported a mysterious indestructible hatch appearing in Wailing Woods. It resembles a garage door and juts out of the ground at slight angle.

Redditor Ponz000 used the Replay System and tried to look inside the hatch by taking control of a free roam camera. Unfortunately they didn’t find anything but a concrete hole inside, which suggests that this hatch doesn’t hold anything of value – at least for now.

Some community members believe that it’s merely a homage to the TV show Lost which featured a lone hatch in the middle of the jungle.

An Important Meeting

If you head to the North out of Wailing Woods and North East of Tomato Town, you’ll notice a patch of dirt nestled between two hillsides.

Head closer and you’ll notice a golden Chest surrounded by wooden seats. On one of the seats sits a teddy bear and embedded in the dirt is a scarecrow. Looks like there was a very important discussion going on!

Dusty Divot

Once an industrial zone called Dusty Depot (as many of you are probably aware), it’s since been renamed Dusty Divot thanks to an enormous meteor impact that’s completely altered the landscape.

Visit Dusty Divot and you’ll find a huge crater with a curious little research centre in the middle that’s perfect for close-range fights. Scattered around the area are a number of Hop Rocks, consumable remnants of the meteor that provide you with a zero-gravity boost that’ll negate fall damage and allow you to jump even higher than usual.

Easily the most mysterious thing about this location is a solitary Ice Cream truck that’s lodged in the ground. Smack it with your Pickaxe and it appears to have over 100,000 HP. We wonder what’s inside?

Supervillain Base

Situated inside a mountain nearest Snobby Shores is a secret supervillain base! In order to access it, you’ll need to land on top of the mountain, enter the shack and drop down into a tunnel. Smash the door, follow the steps down and you’ll enter a swanky looking base of operations for what looks to be an evil mastermind.

Superhero Mansion

A brand new location that you’ll find near Lonely Lodge. It’s an enormous mansion that’s clearly modelled on Wayne Manor from Batman. Don’t forget to check out the basement as that’s where the hi-tech base lies…

Underground Bunker

Fortnite’s Season 4 update really loves underground bunkers. You’ll find another command centre underneath the blue house in Salty Springs.

Risky Reels

At the North Easternmost point of the map you’ll find a drive-thru theatre that’s also been smashed by a meteor.

Movie Set*

Moisty Mire’s now received a complete overhaul and is modelled after a movie set. There are a number of green screens dotted around the area, which makes for some hilarious community made content!

Dinosaur Footprint

There’s a house between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove that’s been crushed in half by what seems to be a gigantic dinosaur, judging by the hulking great footprint that’s been left behind at least.

This particular detail has driven fan theories wild, with some suggesting that we’ll see dinosaurs alter the map’s landscape later down the line. Will Tilted Towers fall victim to Godzilla?

Giant Llama

Make your way towards the top-left of the map and you’ll spot a massive metal Llama – yes, you read that correctly – near Junk Junction.

This rather bizarre addition to the map is actually a nod to the PVE version of the game, Fortnite: Save The World which has seen players create huge Llamas out of other materials to see off hordes of zombies.

It’s not just a visual oddity for the multiplayer mode either. This metal Llama is actually a pretty decent landing spot as it can contain up to three loot chests!

Check out our guide to the best places to land in Fortnite: Battle Royale if you want some other tips for picking the best starting spot!

Huge Wooden Chair

Head to the south of Shifty Shafts and you might stumble across an enormous chair made of wood. Once again, it’s not just a sight worth seeing as it’s also a surprisingly good landing spot, and it’s usually home to a weapon spawn.

Originally there was a small chair here before the first major map update, so perhaps the developers decided to up the ante. Who knows?

Football Stadium*

Located right in the middle of Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores is a large football stadium that isn’t just there for show.

A football actually spawns here and if you kick it into one of the goals, you’ll not only get an explosion of confetti, the scoreboards above the pitch will actually take note of your achievement too.

Video by MrDalekJD

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

Pickaxe Cave

Over to the west of Anarchy Acres there’s a very small network of tunnels which creates the shape of a pickaxe when looking down from above. Landing here will also guarantee you at least one golden chest, so it’s well worth a visit.

The Bunker

Float over Snobby Shores and you’ll see a huge building with a very wide rectangular roof and a few orange mushrooms right in the center.

Don’t land on the roof, but instead drop down and look inside until you spot a bookshelf. Smash this with your pickaxe and you’ll notice some steps leading inside.

It turns out that someone’s been living in a secret bunker this whole time! You’ll find some pretty wonderful loot here including chests and valuable ammo crates as well.

Disappearing Teddy Bears*

This one’s a bit strange and easily the spookiest.

As MrDalekJD destroys a wall near the football stadium in the video above, he comes across a car containing a teddy bear in the front seat. After staring at it for a couple of seconds, the teddy bear suddenly disappears.

Apparently other players have reported seeing footage of this teddy bear riding about on other vehicles before suddenly vanishing into thin air. Whether this is intentional or not remains to be seen, but it could very well be the developers just having a bit of fun.


Did you know that there once was a weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was so powerful it had to be removed from the game? Called the Zapatron, this devastating Sniper Rifle could be used to unleaseh a stream of electrical pain straight into a target, often one-shotting them in the process.

We’ve got more detail on this brutal weapon over at our Fortnite: Battle Royale Zapatron page, including footage of the gun in action. You might want to brush up on this weapon now, as the developers have hinted that it may even make a return to the game – in one form or another – one day…

Kayak Chest

If you land on the largest building in Greasy Grove, start pickaxing your way through the ceiling with the air vents on. You’ll drop down underneath a Kayak. Demolish the Kayak and the wall it’s hanging from and you’re likely to find a Golden chest.

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