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Fortnite: Vending Machines guide – What are they and when will they be released?


Everything we know so far about the new Vending Machines coming to Fortnite.

Our Fortnite All Vending Machine locations page details how to find every Vending Machine on the Battle Royale map.

The new Vending Machine item went live in Fortnite around 24 hours ago, and if you’ve got a few resources stockpiled and going spare, you can feed them to the machine in exchange for new items and weapons. It’s a handy way of getting tooled up if the luck of the draw hasn’t gone your way and you need an urgent upgrade.

In this article, you’ll find all of the currently known Vending Machine locations in Fortnite, with a handy image you can glance at while preparing your landing spot. As we explain later in this article, there are no guarantees that you’ll find a Vending Machine at any of these spots, but it’s good to have these locations in the back of your mind at all times!

Fortnite: All Vending Machine locations

First things first, here’s a map which seems to show where the Fortnite Vending Machines have a chance to spawn. We say a chance, because Vending Machines seem to work in a similar fashion to Chests. That is to say, there are fixed spawn points for them but not all will necessarily be filled in any given match.

Looking at the map above, you find the greatest concentraion of Vending Machines to be located in the main urban areas of the map: Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, Retail Row and so on. That makes sense, as you’d expect to see more Vending Machines in busier areas.

There are some scattered here and there outside the commercial zones, however, In a pretty even sprinkling across all points of the compass, you’ll find Vending Machins located in some real outback areas, most noticeable north of Wailing Woods.

(IMAGE SOURCE – FortniteInsider)

How do Fortnite’s Vending Machines work?

In order to take items out of a Vending Machine, you’re first of all going to have to trade in a specific quantity of spare materials that you’ve harvested. Once you’ve paid them in, you get a certain reward for your inventory.

Vending Machines are assigned a certain rarity when they spawn on the map, and that rarity determines the quality of the items that it can provide you with. The rarity level also sets the price that you’ll need to pay in order to get anything out of the machine.

Here are the values in question:

  • Common (White) – 100 Materials
  • Uncommon (Green) – 200 Materials
  • Rare (Blue) – 300 Materials
  • Epic (Purple) – 400 Materials
  • Legendary (Gold) – 500 Materials

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What do Fortnite’s Vending Machines contain?

Each Vending Machine will offer you three items. One is obtained by handing in Wood, one by giving the machine Stone and the final one by providing Metal.

The three items on offer actually cycle on a brief timer and you can use your Pickaxe to donk the machine and move onto the next item a little faster.

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