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Fortnite: Where to find Keycards to open all Vaults


Here's how to get all the Keycards and crack those Vaults open.

This guide will explain how to open the five Vaults across Fortnite’s map using their respective Keycards.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has introduced a host of new changes to the game, having unvaulted some items, introduced new weapons, and upped character customisation. Of course, the map has received some huge tweaks and it’s leant heavily into the secret agent theme Epic Games has run with.

There are a number of unique secret agent hideouts across Fortnite’s map, all of which are manned by NPC henchmen of the Ghost or Shadow factions. Attempt to enter one of these fortresses and they’ll open fire on you immediately. And even if you make it past the guards, you’ll still have to contend with security cameras and deadly turrets.

Deal with all of these threats and you might just make it to a Vault, but how do you crack it open? Well, you’ll need a special Keycard which can only be earned by eliminating a very specific target. Below we’ll explain how all of this works.

Where to find Keycards to open Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

There are a total of five Keycard locations across Fortnite’s map, and each can be found in a unique location. The Shark, The Rig, The Yacht and The Grotto are all dotted around the edges of the map, while The Agency is plonked directly in the centre and is by far the biggest of the lot.

We’ve highlighted all of their locations above.

The Shark Keycard Location

Essentially, you’ll want to land and head straight into the basement. Work your way down by whatever means necessary, taking care to avoid damage from henchmen and turrets if possible.

Video by Kanga

The Keycard is on Skye, a female secret agent NPC who wields a Mythic Assault Rifle. She’s in the basement near the Vault, surrounded by guards and protected by a turret or two. Her health bar isn’t particularly beefy, so she doesn’t differ much from the guards in terms of survivability. Take care of her, as well as any other threats and she’ll drop her weapon, as well as the Keycard.

Pick up the Keycard, hold [LMB] and you’ll be guided to the Vault which should be very, very nearby. Interact with the door’s keycard scanner, wait a second or two and the loot will be yours!

The Rig Keycard Location

To get this Keycard you’ll need to eliminate TNTina. She can be found patrolling the outside or inside the northwesternmost building of the Rig (labelled with a big number 3) and won’t take long to down. Once you’ve done so, either Shake her down or Eliminate her to grab the Keycard and her Boombow weapon.

Video by Kanga

The Vault can be found at the bottom of one of the Rig’s supports. Hold [LMB] on your Keycard to bring up the location of the Vault if you’re a bit lost.

The Grotto Keycard Location

Brutus is your target to obtain this Keycard, and he can be found patrolling the basement of the Grotto. He’s arguably one of the hardest to reach, and toughest to kill. We’d recommend legging it to a weapon, heading straight into the main building and taking out some henchmen to gear up. Brutus may be here, or on the bottom floor surrounded by turrets and more guards.

Video by Kanga

We’d recommend taking out all other threats methodically if you can, or at least thinning the herd before you all-in Brutus. Expect him to soak up plenty of damage before going down as he’s a big lad. Again, grab his Keycard and weapon when he’s down and head to the nearby Vault to collect your loot.

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The Yacht Keycard Location

You know the drill by now. To get this Keycard you need to kill Meowscles who’s on the bottom floor of the Yacht. To infiltrate this ship easily, there’s a Phone Box on the deck as you come into land which’ll provide you with a disguise to help you slip in unnoticed.

Aim for the head when taking out Meowscles as he’s pretty tanky, then hoover up his Keycard before clearing out any other threats. Once you’ve done so, head back to the top, and refresh your disguise as it’ll make the next section much easier.

Video by Trophy Gamers

The Vault is located in the basement, and you can find the entrance at the northern tip of the Yacht. Destroy the grate, crouch and make your way into the centre of this area. Scan yourself at the door, and you’ll move into the room with the Vault inside. Take out the guard, use the Keycard and collect your rewards!

The Agency Keycard Location

This Keycard can be found on Midas who can be found patrolling with some Henchmen near the Vault in the basement. It’s a massive location which will attract plenty of unwanted attention, so we’d recommend working from the outside in to spring a surprise on any other players also hunting down the Keycard.

Video by Trophy Gamers

It’s really a case of taking your time and exploring this area fully as Midas can spawn in a number of locations, plus, you’ll likely contend with plenty of NPCS, turrets and other players.

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