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Hearthstone deck guide: Jeevlin Mage – Hearthstone


How to get to grips with this devastatingly aggressive new Mage deck.

Aggressive Mage decks continue to enjoy a position of strength a month after the release of Goblins vs Gnomes. This variant on the emerging deck archetype combines – as the name suggests – the twin might of Jeeves and Hobgoblin to produce a super-fast deck that will leave your opponent struggling to catch up.

As well as this intriguing pair of cards, there are a total of nine Deathrattle minions in the deck, all ready to be fed into your Undertakers. Should the gravediggers stubbornly refuse to come out to play, you have plenty of early game spells to make your Mana Wyrms nice and plump.

Jeevlin Mage strategy guide

Your overall strategy here is to get a strong early game presence, and punish your opponent hard using the card-boosting synergies that this deck is absolutely dripping in. You have a total of eleven 1-attack minions that you can boost up with Hobgoblin, and nine spells that can be used to improve Mana Wyrm. It’ll be interesting to see where this deck ends up as the metagame evolves, but it has the potential to redefine what aggro means for Hearthstone.

Keep punishing your opponent hard, build up your threat, and try not to play Jeeves until you’ve got a nice empty hand which you simply need to refuel.

Jeevlin Mage Mulligan guide

Mulliganing with this deck is actually a pretty straightforward process. If you have an Undertaker in hand, you should go rummaging around for a nice Mana curve made up of Deathrattle minions. This will help you build up a very strong early game that will stall your opponent and threaten some serious damage. If you have a Mana Wyrm, it pays to look for those cheap spells so you can build up a similarly problematic board presence. Get the Wyrm in your hand with The Coin and Mirror Image and you’re looking at a very strong start indeed.

As for Hobgoblin, it’s only OK to keep hold of him if you feel confident you can protect him. If you’re not 100% sure (and against Mages, you should assume they have a Frostbolt to bypass any and all of your Taunts), throw him back and hope you get him again later on towards the latter half of the game. You’re more likely to get better plays from him in the latter turns anyway.

Jeevlin Mage combos

You are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to beefing up your minions with card synergy here.

Hobgoblin, it goes without saying, can be used to make some monstrous creations, and you should always ensure you get maximum value out of these creatures. Do not put one of them into play unless you have the means to protect it and get a couple of minions boosts out of it.

Mana Wyrm is a great opening play that can then be beefed up with the spells in your hand. It’s particularly powerful when used in conjunction with The Coin, but don’t get greedy with the Wyrm, and make sure you always get maximum value from it.

Mad Scientist and Counterspell obviously synergise well with each other, but you should absolutely experiment with swapping these two cards out to suit the metagame you find yourself in. These cards are handy to have, but by no means essential, and you can certainly afford to lose them for something more obviously useful.

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