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Heroes of the Storm: Garden of Terror guide


Our guide to surviving this nocturnal nightmare.

Garden of Terror is one of our favourite Battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm. It’s well-balanced, it has a fun and easy-to-understand objective system that spices up every battle, and matches are typically close-run affairs if people are clued up about the mechanics.

Our next battleground guide takes in this nocturnal nightmare, and provides some essential hints and tips to help your team gain the upper-hand on the battlefield. Let us know your preferred strategy in the comments below and we’ll add them to this article!

Garden of Terror guide

Unlike every other battleground in Heroes of the Storm, the Garden of Terror has two distinct day and night phases. During the day, you’ll be participating in a fairly straightforward brawl to assume dominance of the map, clear out lanes, chip away at defenses, and push the enemy back as much as possible. So far, so every map in the game.

It all changes at night, however. When the day period ends the map turns much murkier, and you’ll have to venture with your teammates into the garden and kill sinister creatures for their precious seeds. Gather enough of these seeds and you’ll unlock a terrifying plant creature that can wreak havoc against your opponents. That’s if you can get your creature unlocked before the enemy gains access to theirs, of course…

Garden of Terror tips and tricks

Each of the small garden creatures are worth 5 seeds, allowing you to add 15 to your total from each camp. Put the beat-down on the larger creatures, however, and you’ll be rewarded with 60 seeds in total as you chip away at the monster’s health.

When night falls, it’s essential that your team joins forces to hoover up as many seeds as possible before the harvesting period ends. Typically you’ll want to head to the cluster of creatures that’s closest to your team, and start farming quickly and furiously.

When you seize control of the Garden Terror, it’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t get any fortress-damage bonuses like you do in Dragon Shire, although the beast is great at doing area-of-effect damage to buildings and characters alike. The creature will remain active for a minute and a half, so make sure you get as much use out of it as possible while it’s still around.

You’ll need 100 seeds in total to activate the Garden Terror, so you’ll typically have to wait for two night-time periods to get this monster into play.

When your team isn’t harvesting seeds, you’ll find it useful to unlock the Mercenary Camps that will help with the lane push. Note that you won’t be able to unlock these assistants during the night period, so don’t waste time trying to activate them when you should be farming seeds!

There’s never a good time to die in Heroes of the Storm, but doing so just before night falls on Garden of Terror is particularly bad. Play cautiously when the timer starts ticking down, as you want to be ready to chip in with your friends and bag those seeds before the enemy can gain an overwhelming advantage.


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