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How to counter Bastion in 1.8 – Overwatch


Tips for surviving the mechanical menace of Season 4.

Essential tips for countering the new and improved Bastion in Season 4 of Overwatch, from hero advice to team strategies.

It’ll be a rare Overwatch team you face this week that doesn’t pack a Bastion, whether that’s because he really is monstrously overpowered in the latest version of the game, or he’s simply perceived to be. For that reason, we wanted to put together a few quick tips on how to counter Bastion in Season 4. Knowledge is power, after all.

We’ll have to see what the next few weeks bring. Everyone will be scrambling to play him in the early days, but if he’s truly overpowerd he’ll be tweaked. It’s just as likely that people will discover he’s not quite the easy-mode hero they wanted him to be. We’ll see.

For now, here are some tips for surviving the Bastion onslaught. We’ll add to this guide over time, and we’d love to hear your own tips in the comments section too.

Bastion countering tips

  • 1. It’s going to be tough to lock down a Bastion on the rampage, so any heroes capable of pinning an enemy target down are going to prove useful here. Consider Mei’s ability to freeze a mobile target, or even Junkrat’s trap if he can land it safely.
  • 2. Zenyatta’s Discord Orb all but negates Bastion’s new Passive ability Ironclad. It might also be time to start busting out this hero’s alternative fire mode so he can dish out a volley of pain into Bastion all at once.
  • 3. You’re going to need more coordination in general to take down Bastion in Season 4. Reinhardt and D.Va both have abilities that allow their teammates behind them to focus on a target with a small window of protection, but you’re going to need to hit that mic button. On the subject of tanks, get practising with that Roadhog hook too.
  • 4. It may well be Symmetra’s time to shine following her re-design at the back-end of last year. That moving shield she can now project is particularly useful against a stationary Bastion, but try to coordinate focused fire with your teammates before firing it off.
  • 5. Anyone capable of flanking via high mobility is going to be an extremely useful pick, but note that Bastion is going to be tougher to take down when you actually reach the target. Be ready to unleash unholy hell when when the duel kicks off, and stay nimble at all times to avoid his turret.

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