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How to Fast Fall in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Gotta Fall Fast.

Here’s our guide to fast falling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including some tips on the best possible uses of this mechanic.

Fast Falling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Fast falling is pretty straightforward on the surface. It lets you start falling faster when you’re airborne. However, like much of Smash, things get a lot more complex when you start getting deeper.

How do I fast fall in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

To initiate a fast fall, simply press down on your control stick when you’re falling. This means you can fast fall after the apex of your jump, but not while your character is still rising.

Most characters fall 60% faster when you fast fall. Below are two Daisies demonstrating the maneuver – you can see the little glint next to the fast falling Daisy when she begins the fast fall.

The only exceptions to this rule are Samus/Dark Samus, who fall 63.008% faster, and Pichu, who falls 31.579% faster.

Of course, all characters have different default fall speeds, so a fast falling Jigglypuff or Peach will still descend slower than the likes of Fox, Little Mac or King Dedede.

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How do I best use fast fall?

You can begin a fast fall at any time during your character’s descent, so it’s a great tool for mixing up landings against enemies trying to juggle or combo you. You can fast fall in the middle of using an aerial attack to get a hit on enemies, useful with the likes of Wario and King Dedede using their Neutral Aerial attacks (when you hit the Attack button in midair without pressing a direction). You’re also able to cancel fast fall into an aerial, giving you a further option for taking your enemy by surprise.

It’s all very character specific, but once you’ve got to grips with fast falling it should become second nature and a standard part of your kit. Remember, you can’t fast fall when you’re tumbling from being hit, but you’ll be able to in any other situation when you’re descending through the air. This includes when you’re in ‘special fall’, in which you’re unable to act – most characters enter this state after using their Up-B. You can see an example of fast falling during special fall below (each character looks different during special fall).

That’s all for our Fast Fall guide for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We’ve got more tips to help you rise above your skill level though, so give our Teching guide a look, as well as our info on B-Reverses and wavebouncing.

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