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How to play Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Now this is a distance demon.

ARMS’ representative in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Min Min, the long-ranged ‘Ramen Bomber’. Here’s how to get started with her.

We’re excited for Min Min in Smash Ultimate, so we put together everything we know about the character from her reveal trailer. Thank you Mr. Sakurai.

How to play Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Of course, we’ll have a much more comprehensive guide to Min Min once she’s been released, but thanks to Sakurai’s expert play against level 8 CPU fighters, as well as breakdowns from pro players like ESAM and MKLeo, we’ve got an idea of how things will work.

Min Min’s Moveset

Min Min has some real long noodly ARMS which will be interesting to see in action. Her tap jab doesn’t use the ARMS though – it’s a kick with some pretty fast startup, and hopefully will be useful as a get-off-me tool.

Min Min’s Side Tilt attacks are, as expected, really long-ranged. The unique nature of Min Min having controls with one button per ARM means she can extend one in each direction at the same time, covering a huge amount of space. They’re pretty easy to dodge by jumping, but the sheer range they deny the enemy means you’ll probably be able to get the ARM back before you get rushed down. Her Up Tilt is extremely fast too, coming out on frame 5, and we’ll see how well that combos into her other moves. Down tilt is a slide attack, similar to Cloud’s, and will allow you to close down the enemy and low-profile some moves.

Min Min’s Grab, like the rest of her gear, has some nutty range and power. She shoots out both ARMS about three times the length of her body and brings in the enemy for her throws. In addition, when you land a grab, her left ARM changes to become a dragon rather than a bunch of noodles. This’ll upgrade the power and damage of the left ARM for all attacks using it, so be sure to take advantage.

Her Aerials seem interesting so far. Up air looks a bit like Terry or Captian Falcon’s, whilst the Down Air is a stall-and-fall attack in a similar vein to Zero Suit Samus’. The Forward and Back Aerials are slightly more unique, giving you the ability to do a Smash attack input for a more powerful version of each move. It remains to be seen how strong this’ll end up being, but it’s an interesting and unique aspect of her kit. Finally, her Neutral Air can be used with each of the three different right ARMS equippable using Down-B. Ranked from fastest and least powerful to slowest and strongest, we have RamRam, Dragon, and Megawatt. Good players will want to switch between these on the fly for the best impact.

Min Min’s Smash attacks are going to be kind of wild. Her Up Smash is a great anti-air with it’s huge hitbox and quick startup, whilst her Down Smash acts in a similar way to Fox’s. It’ll be a good option to read rolls and the like. Of course, the Side Smashes utilise the huge ARM range Min Min has access to, so don’t be afraid to go for hard reads as at a distance Min Min is very difficult to punish.

Is Min Min any good?

We’ll never know until she’s been a part of the metagame for a while, but Min Min is a unique zoner-type character who has the potential to be played excellently. Her skill ceiling is high thanks to the various ARMS she can choose on the fly, and we’re excited to see her optimised by top players.

Obviously, her main strength is her range, with the ability to cover the entirety of Final Destination with her ARMS firing off in different directions. In casual battles she’ll be absolutely brilliant, but her potential weakness against characters able to rush her down and avoid the punches will be a real struggle.

From what we can tell, Min Min will absolutely destroy the likes of Bowser and Donkey Kong, because she can just keep her distance and ruin their day with a barrage of punches on their big ol’ hitboxes, and her Up-Smash being a reflector gives her a bit of potential against projectile fighters.

We’re slightly worried with how she’ll fare against characters like Pikachu and Joker though – the ones who can just duck, weave, and punish. Of course, maybe Min Min has some wonderful combo-breaking moves or close-quarters ability we haven’t seen, so don’t write her off in these matchups just yet. You can be sure that we’ll be playing Min Min day 1 though, and updating this guide with all the latest!

Now you’re familiar with Min Min, why not get to grips with some of Smash’s other mechanics? We’ve got a handy page on how to tech in Smash Ultimate, as well as a tier list of the best Smash characters.

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