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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ARMS Character Reveal – How to Watch, Time, and more



Nintendo have confirmed the time for the ARMS character reveal in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – here’s how to watch it.

A character from ARMS is coming to Smash, and it’ll be revealed as normal – a video from Nintendo. Masahiro Sakurai will sit there and give us a delightful lecture on the history of ARMS, as well as a demonstrating all the character’s new moves, absolutely saucing on a CPU fighter in the process.

What time is the Smash Bros. ARMS character reveal?

Mr. Sakurai will deliver us a lovely little tidbit at the following times:

  • UK – 3pm
  • Eastern – 10am
  • Pacific – 7am
  • Japan – 11pm

We expect both a character announcement and subsequent buffs and nerfs, so keep your eyes out for that.

Where can I watch the ARMS character reveal?

Nintendo will be streaming the ARMS character reveal on its many streaming platforms. We’ve embedded their YouTube link below for your convenience, so just press play and you’ll be watching the stream!

Which ARMS character will we be getting?

The ARMS cast is filled to the brim with unique characters no one remembers because they didn’t play ARMS. It’s a really good game though, so use this opportunity to give it a go.

Spring Man and Ribbon Girl are the cover stars, and although they seem the most likely, Spring Man is already an Assist Trophy in the game, and we’ve never seen an Assist Trophy become a playable character. If that did happen, the Waluigi-for-smash brigade (us included) would get our hopes up real high.

Twintelle is one of the more iconic characters from ARMS, and given the complete lack of Black characters in Smash, she’d be a great addition to the roster. Also, her hair being the springy boxing-glove-thingies means there’d be a great chance for her moveset to be a bit more interesting, as she’s got her normal arms to work with too.

Min Min is another fan favourite, and whilst we’d prefer Twintelle, the ‘Ramen Bomber’ is a super-cool character who, in ARMS, has the ability to deflect enemy attacks with kicks, something the rest of the cast can’t do. This could translate nicely into a Smash moveset, and her left arm becoming a dragon when charged brings up potential for a scary charge-up attack or Final Smash.

The ARMS cast has a whole host of cool concepts for Smash characters though, so who knows what we’ll get. Let’s just hope thier down tilts don’t reach all the way across Smashville.

We’ll have a comprehensive guide on the character when we get our hands on them too! In the meantime, check out our Smash Ultimate tier list to help you decide who to choose, and sort out your Smash control scheme before you jump into your next scrap.

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