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Overwatch: Ayutthaya (Thailand) guide – Tips, tactics and strategy advice


UPDATED: New screenshots added from the live client.

Our Overwatch Ayutthaya (Thailand) guide contains everything we know about the new map, along with tips, tricks, tactics and strategy advice.

As part of Overwatch’s annual Year of the Dog event, Blizzard has introduced a brand new map into the fold. It’s named Ayutthaya and it’s a Capture The Flag map based in Thailand. It’s probably the prettiest location currently in the game, with a beautiful temple and ancient ruins to do battle in.

We’ve put together a quick Ayutthaya guide that contains all of the official information provided by Blizzard, and in this first edition we’ve embedded the Developer Update video, broken down the key points and will continue to update it as time goes by.

Now that the map’s live and we’ve had a chance to play around with it ourselves, you’ll find a number of usual tips, tactics and strategy advice that you’ve come to expect from our other Overwatch map guides. There’s also a few screenshots in there too, so you can get a feel for the map if you’ve not had a chance to jump in yet.

UPDATE #2 – We’ve added in a few tips and tricks to help you get up and running with this brand new map.

Ayutthaya Overview

  • The map is split into two distinct sides. The first is ancient and features a temple described as “gorgeous”, while the other side is brighter and more modern.
  • Ayutthaya is the first map that has been designed specifically with Capture The Flag in mind.
  • The developers have taken all of the community feedback on Capture The Flag and used it to inform the design of Ayutthaya.
  • Draws are being removed from Capture The Flag, as they cause discontent within the playerbase and they can often feel anti-climactic.
  • Instead, a Sudden Death mechanic is being introduced. If the two teams are tired at the end of time, both teams’ flags are moved closer to the centre of the map, then the map resumes at that point. The teams go for the flags and then only have a very short distance to cap.
  • Changes are being made to flag pick-up rules as well. Picking up the flag is instant, but if you use certain abilities (limited to things like invulnerability or enhanced mobility), then those abilities will cause you to drop the flag. One example given was Winston’s Jump Pack leap – when he uses it, he’ll drop the flag automatically.
  • With the introduction of these flag changes the team found that games were much more offensive and action-packed. As a result, the Sudden Death scenario should actually occur much less often.

Ayutthaya Tips and Tricks

  • Make good use of the high ground and the numerous flanking routes surrounding the map. Sprinting headlong at the enemy’s flag is unlikely to cut it.
  • Once you’ve captured the flag, be creative and mix up the route you take back to your own base. This way you’re less predictable and tougher to get to.
  • Heroe’s with dashes, boosts and jumps are going to thrive in CTF. Use their mobility to your advantage!
  • The elephant statue in that marks the center of the map is a hive of activity. Treat this area as you would in a teamfight, emerge victorious and you’ll have a window of opportunity to push forward and get hold of the opponent’s flag.
  • Don’t forget to defend your own flag. Tanks like Roadhog and defense heroes like Torbjorn and Mei are perfect for the job.
  • Sombra’s practically built for CTF with her stealth abilities, so make sure you give her a whirl on Ayutthaya and use the flanking routes as getaway points.

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