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Overwatch: Competitive CTF guide (Capture The Flag)


Everything you need to know about the time-limited competition!

Our Overwatch: Competitive CTF (Capture the Flag) guide contains rewards and gameplay details of the limited-period competition.

The Year of the Dog update has not only added the usual crop of delicious new Legendary Skins, it’s also introduced a brand-new map to the game called Ayutthaya.

This is an absolutely stunning map that takes in the old and new of Thailand, and so it’s only fitting that the developers have launched the new battleground with a new – albeit temporary – competitive mode that focuses on Capture The Flag gameplay.

As well as representing a new competition in its own right, quite a few changes have been made to the CTF formula in Overwatch as well. We wanted to take the opportunity to put together a quick guide on what to expect if you’ve been away from the mode for a while. From placement matches to Top 500 rewards, you should find everything you need right here.

Make sure you check out our core Year of the Dog guide for the lowdown on everything to do with the special celebration.

Competitive Capture The Flag – Overview

If you’re completely new to this kind of gameplay, the basic idea is that you have a team flag in your spawn, as does the other team. The objective is to grab their flag and return it to your spawn room, while at the same time doing whatever it takes to prevent them from doing the same!

Here’s the other fine detail about this particular event:

  • Competitive Capture The Flag runs for the four-week duration of the Year of the Dog event.
  • As with the usual seasonal play, you’ll need to complete a total of ten placement matches before you’re seeded into an appropriate skill level.
  • A separate leaderboard will be maintained for the duration of this special event.
  • This mode sees two teams of six going head to head against one another.
  • The following maps are available: Ayutthaya, Nepal Village, Lijiang Garden, Ilios Ruins and Oasis University.
  • Players can pick up the flag immediately, but note that using certain abilities will cause the flag carrier to drop it. We’re still waiting for confirmation on all the affected skills, but in general anything that causes invulnerability or greatly enhanced mobility will cause the flag to be dropped.
  • The first team to capture a total of three flags will win the game.
  • If the time runs out, whoever has the most captures at that point will win the game.

Note that a new Sudden Death feature has been added to the game with the Year of the Dog update. If teams are tied when the timer expires, they will have to complete a second round where the flags are placed in the centre of the map. This reduced capping distance should ensure a fast and furious deciding round!

Competitive Capture the Flag – Tips and Tricks

Here’s a list of helpful pointers to get you up and running with this new competitive mode.

  • It’s important that you don’t focus purely on attacking the opposing team’s flag and returning it to your base. Remember that they’re trying to do the same, so keep an eye on your own base too. Assign members or spend some time as a goalkeeper, so to speak.
  • If you’re planning to grab the enemy flag, it’s worth choosing a hero who’s easily capable of doing so. Mobile flankers like Genji and Tracer are perfect for the job, but don’t neglect heroes like D.Va, Winston and Doomfist who’ve got the tools to do so as well.
  • Mei is a brilliant support character, as she’s able to erect Ice Walls and freeze enemies who are causing trouble.
  • Lucio‘s one of the best supports in this mode as he can both heal and speed boost party members when chasing down the flag.
  • Don’t underestimate Roadhog‘s lack of mobility as his hook is a brilliant way of reeling in enemies who’ve grabbed your flag, or wrenching them away from your own attackers.
  • Be creative when you’ve got the flag. Use flanking routes and stay close to allies so if you get taken out, the baton’s passed over to them.

Competitive Capture The Flag – Rewards

There are a number of rewards on offer for those who participate in Competitive Capture The Flag.

The Top 500 players at the end of the event will receive an animated Player Icon and Spray. Those who have at least completed their placement matches will also receive a less flashy, non-animated version of those same items.

Finally, all players will earn Competitive Points for taking part in the competition.

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