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Overwatch Free Weekend guide: Getting started on PS4 and Xbox One – Overwatch


Everything you need to know about the free to play weekend.

As you may already be aware, Blizzard is hosting another Free Weekend promotion for Overwatch on PC and consoles this weekend. If you’re uncertain about how to install the game, want to know what to expect from the free access period, or even when the whole thing starts in your particular region, then our guide has everything you need to know to survive the onslaught! We’ve also got all of the gameplay guides you could possibly need.

Here you’ll find details of everything you’re likely to need when the promotion goes live, and we’ll pop this article top of the site once the event is actually underway. First up in this guide, we’ve got a breakdown of who’s invited to the party, followed by instructions on how to get the game onto your PC or console once the event is live. After that we’ve got a breakdown of the start and end times for the Overwatch free weekend in every region of the world.

Finally, we’ve got links to all of our most important guide hubs. From these, you’ll be able to get a huge amount of information on mastering every hero in the game, dominating every map, and unlocking all of the tastiest cosmetic upgrades. On that subject – incidentally – you’ll be able to retain all of your progress in the game if you choose to purchase it after the free weekend. Achievements and Trophies will not be carried over, however.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, here’s our complete guide to the Overwatch Free Weekend – have fun!


The next Free Weekend will take place between Friday 26th May 2017 and Monday 29th May 2017.

Unlike last time around, when the Overwatch Free Weekend was limited to console players only, PC players can also get stuck into the game for nothing this time. Note, however, that each platform remains walled off from the others in terms of matchmaking. If you want to play with your friends, you need to be on the same platform.

In order to take part in the Free Weekend, PlayStation 4 owners will need an active PlayStation Plus membership, and Xbox One owners will need Live Gold. PC gamers will just need a account, from which they’ll be able to just download the client fuss-free.


How do you actually go about installing Overwatch though? Here’s a step-by-step guide for grabbing the client on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

PlayStation 4 installation instructions

  • Switch on your console and select your user profile
  • Load up the PlayStation Store and then search for Overwatch
  • Locate “Overwatch Free Weekend”, select it, then choose Download
  • Once you’ve downloaded the client, simply select Start to get stuck into the game

The PlayStation 4 Overwatch client size is approximately 9GB.

Xbox One installation instructions

  • Switch on your console and log in to Xbox Live
  • Search the Xbox One Store for Overwatch
  • Look for the result called “Overwatch: Origins Edition”, then pick “Free Trial”
  • After downloading the client, just select Launch to get going!

The Xbox One Overwatch client size is approximately 15GB.

PC installation instructions

  • If you don’t have it already, download the desktop application
  • Install, then launch
  • Create a profile or log-in with your existing credentials
  • Choose a region, then just hit Install
  • Click Play to launch the game.

Start times

All start times here are for Friday 26th May 2017, unless stated otherwise:

Europe Americas Asia
19:00 BST 11:00 PDT 02:00 CST (Nov 19)
20:00 CEST 12:00 MDT 03:00 KST (Nov 19)
21:00 MSK 13:00 CDT 03:00 JST (Nov 19)
14:00 EDT
15:00 ADT
15:00 BRT
15:30 NDT
02:00 SGT (Sep 10)
04:00 AEST (Sep 10)
06:00 NZST (Sep 10)

Note that the Free Weekend will end on Monday May 29th at 23:59 PDT. Simply adjust the time difference based on the table above to work out when that will affect you in your own region.

Essential guides

We’ve spent most of the last year producing a huge number of essential hero, map and gameplay guides for Overwatch. To help you get started with the free weekend, we recommend taking a look through the following resources.

Beginner’s guide

Essential guides for every single hero, map and game mode in Overwatch. If you’re looking to master a particular Hero, you’ll find everything you need from right here.

Tier List

Who’s currently considered the stronger hero in each category? Who’s the weakest? Find everything you need to know about the current state of Overwatch’s metagame – and make the best hero picks – right here.

Counters guide

It’s essential that you switch Heroes to deal with a particular problem in battle, and the game’s been designed for certain characters to counter others. Find out who beats who from this handy reference guide.

Best beginner Heroes

All of Overwatch’s characters are satisfying to play, but some are definitely easier to get to grip with than others. Here’s our pick of the best heroes for beginners within each combat category.

Achievement and Trophy guide

If you decided to stick around and buy the game, you’ll find this guide indispensable for ticking off some of the game’s trickiest Achievements and Trophies.

Got any questions about the Free Weekend, or Overwatch in general? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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