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When Overwatch will go live in every global region.

A new post over at Blizzard’s official Overwatch site has confirmed the launch times for the game. The game technically goes live a day early on the 23rd May if you live in Blizzard’s timezone, but you can see in the table below when you’ll be able to get stuck in, and regardless of where you happen to be!

We’re less than a week away from release at this point, but it still seems painfully far away. To keep yourself busy, have a look through our Overwatch beginner’s guide so you’re prepared for battle as soon as it starts.

Europe The Americas Asia
00:00 BST (May 24th) 16:00 PDT (May 23rd) 07:00 CST
01:00 CEST (May 24th) 17:00 MDT (May 23rd) 08:00 KST
02:00 MSK (May 24th) 18:00 CDT (May 23rd) 08:00 JST
19:00 EDT (May 23rd)
20:00 ADT (May 23rd)
20:00 BRT (May 23rd)
20:30 NDT (May 23rd)
07:00 SGT (May 24th)
09:00 AEST (May 24th)
11:00 NZST (May 24th)

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