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Overwatch Season 8 End Date & Time – PT, ET, GMT, CET


When Season 8 wraps up, wherever you happen to live in the world.

This page contains details of the end date and time of Season 8 in Overwatch, with local times for the US, UK, European and other global regions.

Season 8 of Competitive Play in Overwatch is heading into the final stretch, and you’ll soon be able to cash in all of that hard work for you season-themed player icons and sprays, as well as those all-important Competitive Points. Maybe this time around you’ll be able to splash out on a new Golden Gun, eh?

If you’re trying to bag as many rewards as possible, it’s helpful to know the end date and time of Season 8 so you can take care of any last-minute business before that deadline rolls around. Thanks to a post published on the official Overwatch forums yesterday evening, we can now confirm that Season 8 of Overwatch will end on Sunday 25th February at 4:00pm PT.

In other words, you’ve only got one more weekend of play left to scramble through some more matches, grab some extra CP, and maybe even rank up before the deadline lands – who knows?

If you’re not based in the US then it can be a little confusing to work out when Season 8 ends in your own corner of the world. Fear not, as our trusty timezone table contains everything you need to know:

Overwatch Season 8 End Times – US, UK, Europe

Europe Americas Asia
12:00am GMT (1st March) 4:00pm PT 8:00am CST (1st March)
1:00am CET (1st March) 5:00pm MDT 9:00am KST (1st March)
2:00am MSK (1st March) 3:00pm CDT 9:00am JST (1st March)
7:00pm EDT
9:00pm ADT
9:00pm BRT
8:00am SGT (1st March)
10:00am AEST (1st March)
12:00pm NZST (1st March)

Overwatch Season 8 Player Spray and Icon

When Season 8 of Overwatch ends, you’ll receive a number of rewards based on your performance. First of all, every player who completed their placement matches will receive their player icon and spray. Expect those to be available to show off to the world, the next time you log in after Season 8 ends on Sunday.

More than that though, you’ll also get your hands on a decent chunk of bonus Competitive Points (CP) based on your finishing rank for Season 8. These are added to the pool of CPs you’ve been picking up on a per-match basis, and these can then be used to purchase one of these delicious Golden Guns (assuming you have enough currency, that is):

Season 8 CP Rewards

How many CP do you get for finishing at each rank though? Handily enough, Blizzard has also provided us all with a breakdown of what you receive for finish between Bronze and Grandmaster. Here’s the complete breakdown:

Skill Rating Rank CP
1-1499 Bronze 65
1500-1999 Silver 125
2000-2499 Gold 250
2500-2999 Platinum 500
3000-3499 Diamond 750
3500-3999 Master 1200
4000-5000 Grandmaster 1750

How far did you manage to climb this month? Let us know how these new shorter seasons are working out for you in the comments. We’re starting to feel like it’s just about the right amount of time for the season to feel meaningful, while limiting the amount of competitive fatigue that inevitably sets in after a month or so.

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