PUBG suing Epic Games over Fortnite


PUBG Corp, the developers of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is taking Epic Games to court over what is perceives as copyright infringement regarding Fortnite – specifically Fortnite’s blockbuster Battle Royale mode.

As Fortnite’s popularity has grown, PUBG’s has waned. The popularity of the former amongst streamers – not to mention its free to play model versus PUBG’s premium approach – has given the game a stratospheric boost over the last few months.

We’ve heard PUBG’s makers express unhappiness about Fortnite’s similarities before, but the Korean Times is now reporting that the courts will be weighing in with their own opinion on the alleged copyright infringement.

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Things get a little more complicated when you consider that PUBG is made on the Unreal Engine, which is created by Fortnite’s publisher Epic Games. If that wasn’t enough awkwardness for you, China behemoth Tencent owns a piece of both companies.

We’ll keep an eye on out for more detail on the case and will bring you the latest developments as this peculiar internal turf-war plays out.

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