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Ranks 50 to 41 of Smash Ultimate’s PGR Season 2 standings released


It's PGR season, baby.

The Panda Global Rankings for Season 2 of Smash Ultimate are here, starting with ranks 50-41.

Along with ‘Area 51’, the players who only just missed out, the first reveal of the PGR season 2 is here, with 10 placements being announced every second day.

PGR Season 2 – Area 51

A few highly talented players narrowly failed to make the cut, such is the nature of any ranking system. Most eyecatching amongst them is TSM’s Melee superstar William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte, who despite numerous grievances with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its mechanics, put in some stellar performances throughout the last few months. Most memorable has to be his grudge match against Salem at Super Smash Con 2019. What a game.

Here are all members of Area 51 for PGR season 2.

  • Seima ‘Eim’ Tomonoh – Joker
  • William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte – Pokemon Trainer
  • Robert ‘Myran’ Herrin – Olimar
  • Carrington ‘Wrath’ Osborne – Sonic
  • Yatiyaña ‘yeti’ Schaper – Mega Man

PGR Season 2 – Ranks 50-41

Below are the full Panda Global Rankings for ranks 50 through to 41. A notable placing here is Riddles, a 16 year old from Ontario, who really made a name for himself at Super Smash Con 2019 with victories against big names like Dabuz and Pandarian. His proficiency with the likes of Richter and Terry make him an unpredictable opponent, so hopefully we’ll see him improve with age.

Europe’s first representative in the PGR comes with Mr. R, hailing from The Netherlands and performing excellently with 13th at EVO 2019 and 5th at France’s Ultimate Fighting Arena. His showing at EVO was especially impressive, taking down likely top 5 player Nairo, as well as Elegant’s ludicrously strong Luigi.

Here are the full rankings.

  • 50: Ron – Yoshi
  • 49: Dawson ‘Big D’ Perron – Ice Climbers
  • 48: Noriyuki ‘Kirihara’ Kirihara – Rosalina and Luma
  • 47: Michael ‘Riddles’ Kim – Terry / Richter
  • 46: Kolawale ‘Kola’ Aideyan – Roy
  • 45: Randy ‘RFang’ Fang – Pichu
  • 44: Ramin ‘Mr. R’ Delshad – Chrom
  • 43: Spencer ‘BestNess’ Garner – Ness
  • 42: Alexi ‘Goblin’ Stennett – Roy
  • 41: Eita ‘Hikaru’ Hoshi – Pokemon Trainer

Stay tuned for the rest of the PGR listings and let us know your predictions! If MKLeo doesn’t get number 1 it’d be unbelievable, but the top 15 could have any amount of variance. Time will tell, with the top 10 unveiled on January 23rd.

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