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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch Notes 7.0 – Buffs and Nerfs


But will the meta change?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest character release, Byleth, dropped today, along with some buffs and nerfs to the rest of the cast.

Here’s the lowdown on all the hot news for Smash Ultimate’s latest patch, including character tweaks, nerfing top tiers and buffing some of the worse characters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 7.0 – Patch Notes

Nintendo has a full patch notes page, but here’s the most important changes for the latest update.

Of course, Byleth has been released – check out our Smash Ultimate Tier List to see where we reckon they stand compared to the rest of the cast.

Character Nerfs

Balance changes have taken place too. Top tier characters have been hit – Joker’s Arsene lasts for a shorter amount of time, and his Neutral-B guns cover a smaller area while airborne. Zero Suit Samus’ Down-B now buries opponents for a shorter amount of time, meaning it’s much harder to combo into her Up-B. Finally, Palutena’s Neutral Aerial – her best move – has a smaller hitbox on the final hit, as well as launching less far. Her down throw has increased knockback as well, which was her most powerful combo tool. Up Tilt and Down Smash both hit harder, but these are small consolation for the hits the character has taken.

Character Buffs

Good news is in store for some characters though! Six fighters have been buffed pretty substantially, and the entire cast has received a buff to shield size. This means it’s harder to shield poke (hit the enemy while they’re using shield), and generally making holding shield a stronger option.

Samus has been buffed, boasting more kill power on some of her favourite kill moves. Up throw, Down Smash, Dash Attack, and Up Smash have all got more knockback now, meaning she’ll be able to end stocks even earlier. Combined with her already incredibly strong Charge Shot, Samus is going to be a force to be reckoned with this patch.

Sheik was in need of a helping hand, and she got one. Down Smash is faster now, and her grab range has been increased, allowing her to use that option more reliably. This’ll be especially helpful with all the shield buffs the cast got. Her Neutral-B has had its landing lag reduced too, meaning you can combo the needles into other moves far more easily for combo extension. Side-B and Up-B have had their power increased too, but those aren’t big parts of her kit at present – we’ll see if that changes at all.

More essential Smash Ultimate guides:

Speaking of – Zelda is now much more powerful. Her Down-B and Side-B both have more knockback and range respectively, whilst Up Aerial is now a more viable kill option thanks to its increased range and knockback. Her Forward Tilt also launches further and deals more damage, and Neutral Aerial can be used more liberally in neutral thanks to its lower landing lag.

Both Young Link and Toon Link have seen themselves grow in power level as well. Young Link’s kill power from a couple of moves has been buffed – Up Smash and Up Air – and his midair grab has been made faster, leaving enemies vulnerable for longer. His jab comes out faster now too, giving you another option for reacting to enemy moves. Toon Link has had a couple other buffs. His Down Smash and Downward Aerial both kill earlier, and his midair grab has had its hitbox extended. Dash Attack also has less lag after finishing, giving you more options for approaching your enemy, and Backward Aerial comes out faster.

Dr. Mario is one of the worst characters in the game, so Mr. Sakurai has thrown him a bone. Basically, his strengths have been made stronger. Knockback power from Up-B, Forward Tilt and Neutral Aerial have all been increased, whilst Downward Aerial’s hit detection lasts longer. His Downward Tilt attack has shorter knockback now too, hopefully allowing it to act as a combo starter rather than just a bad move. Whether this actually changes doc’s viability is yet to be seen.

Cloud has seen a few much-needed boosts this patch too. His Dash Attack and Up Smash are now able to launch enemies further and kill sooner (with Up Smash also coming out faster), whilst you’ll find it easier to land all three hits of Forward Smash to secure kills. His limit also charges faster, so you’ll be able to use his buffed versions of Cloud’s specials more easily.

Finally, Ken and Ryu have seen some pretty scary buffs that’ll be hugely strong in the right hands. Their Down Smash can be cancelled into specials, leading to a whole lot more combo potential for skilled players, and their Side-B now has partial invincibility on the character’s leg while grounded. It’s also easier to hit the move multiple times, so you’ll be able to rack up that damage faster.

That’s all for the most important changes for Smash Ultimate 7.0! You can find the full list of tweaks over at Nintendo Support, and be sure to check out our Smash Ultimate Tier List for ideas on where these changes put each character. We’ve also got a guide hub for those of you looking to learn slightly more fancy techniques in Smash, so give that a look too!.

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