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Season 2 rewards explained – Overwatch


All the rewards you can bag for yourself in Overwatch's second competitive season.

With a new Overwatch Season comes, of course, a new set of juicy rewards to work towards. Not an awful lot has changed for Season 2, but we thought it would be useful to come up with a single post that you can use to reference what you’re working towards as the weeks and months ahead of us play out.

There’s the usual reward of a Spray and a Player Icon for finishing your placement matches in Season 2, but what’s really interesting are the changes that have been made to Competitive Points. For that reason, we’ll start right there before going onto the simpler cosmetic rewards.

Got a question about the Season 2 rewards? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you out. We’ll also update this guide over time if new rewards come to light.

SEASON 3 – From start and end dates to Skill Rating changes, our Overwatch: Season 3 guide contains everything you need to know about the next period of competitive play!

Competitive Points in Season 2

As we’ve noted elsewhere on the site, you now receive ten times as many of the Competitive Points that you would have received as an equivalent reward in Season 1. Don’t get too excited, however, as the costs of the Golden Guns associated with this currency have also been increased by the same amount.

Why make this change at all, then? Well, it means that Blizzard now has a little bit of wriggle room to reward players for achieving a draw, rather than both sides getting nothing and feeling a little cheated out of their efforts.

It’s just a way of broadening the economy, while also applying the same multiplier to the cost of the rewards associated with it. In that sense, nothing changes really – it just means you get a little something for sticking around and fighting to the death. Considering the price of these things, every little helps…

As well as the smattering of Competitive Points you receive through playing matches, you will also receive a bonus amount of them at the end of the Season, depending on the highest tier you managed to achieve. You can find out how many you will receive from competing in Season 2 in the table below.

Season 2 Rank Competitive Points
Bronze 100
Silver 200
Gold 400
Platinum 800
Diamond 1200
Master 2000
Grandmaster 3000

Most players will likely find themselves coming out of their placement matches around the Gold level or lower. They are therefore being highly incentivised to escape their starting bracket and so double their bonus Competitive Points!

Before we go on, get a load of all the pretty Golden Guns in this gallery…

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Season 2 Spray and Player Icon

If you complete the ten placement matches that you’re required to finish before competing in Season 2, you will receive a new Player Icon and a new Spray. We’ve not had much luck tracking down a decent image of the Player Icon (let us know if you find one), but it’s extremely similar to the Spray which we’ve posted for you below.

Do not panic because you did not receive your Spray and Player Icons after finishing your placement matches! They are awarded at the conclusion of the Season in question. You’re on a database somewhere that will make sure you get them.

Season 2 end date?

All well and good, but how long have you got to actually bag these rewards? Well, Blizzard hasn’t provided a firm end date, but with each Season expect to last 2.5 months followed by a two week reset period, we’ll put our money on the early part of December.

UPDATE: Season 2 will end on 24th November, with Season 3 commencing a week later on 1st December.

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