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Sponsored Post: Logitech’s G810 Orion Spectrum – Overwatch


Get the competitive edge in Overwatch with Logitech's next-gen mechanical keyboard.

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Keyboards can sometimes be an undervalued part of your gaming hardware, but the truth is they should never be an overlooked component of any serious gaming rig. They might not have the impact of a hefty GPU or CPU, or the in-your-face awesomeness of a big, low-latency monitor, but a great keyboard can help you play better and longer, and they don’t come much better than Logitech’s G810 Orion Spectrum

Mechanical keyboards have long been the preferred tool for pro gamers, and the Logitech G810 has some serious pro credentials: it’s the official gear of the ESL, and an essential component for any good gaming PC. Want to know why?

It all comes down to the mechanical switches. Most keyboards – the kind that come bundled with the average PC – are inexpensive hunks of plastic that are fine for typing but can’t really cut it when it comes to intensive high-speed gaming. Beneath each key is a little rubber dome with a carbon contact that does the job, but requires a lot more effort and takes a lot more time to register a keystroke than you realize.

Mechanical keyboards have beautiful metal spring switches underneath each key. They’re built to be responsive and to provide plenty of tactile feedback. Most mechanical keyboards feature industry standard Cherry MX switches, but to achieve the extreme performance goals of the G810, Logitech worked with Omron to invent a brand new mechanical switch: the Romer-G.

Designed with the demands of gaming in mind, Romer-G switches are up to 25 percent faster than standard mechanical switches. Remember that in many games – especially fast-paced MOBAs like Dota 2 or League of Legends – a couple of milliseconds’ delay in issuing a command can mean the difference between an epic win and a humiliating fail.

Not only can the G810 help you play brilliantly, it can also help you play for longer. Thanks to the short travel of the Romer-G switches and the very light touch that they require – just 45g of force is all they need – they can save you from keyboard fatigue over the course of a long gaming session. And they’ve been tested for 70 million keystrokes, so you can rest assured that they’re not going to break in the middle of a critical play; they even feature dual-contact redundancy for that extra level of reliability.

Beyond the switches themselves, the actual keys have been designed to be as comfortable and accurate as possible. They boast a keycap design that will keep your fingers centered which improves actuation consistency. The G810 also features a 26-key rollover, which means that you can hold down 26 keys simultaneously and every single one of them will be registered. And thanks to Logitech Gaming Software you can also assign custom macros to every one of the function keys, enabling you to map complex command sequences to a single keypress and unleash them right on time, every time.

Logitech Gaming Software also provides the power behind the G810’s most eye-catching feature: its programmable RGB backlighting. As well as being able to brighten up your rig with animated rainbow waves and star effects, the G810 comes with presets for over 300 games that will light up only the keys you need, so you’ll never be groping around in the dark for the one you need. Each surface-mounted LED features a Swiss-designed lens that combines and focuses the RGB lighting evenly through the key, for a clean look with minimal light leakage.

You want more? The G810 also boasts dedicated media controls, enabling you to play, pause and mute music and videos instantly, and features a roller so that you can adjust the volume. And the attention to detail goes beyond even that. The matte surface won’t pick up unsightly fingerprints, and the braided cable won’t get tangled up with all the other wires around the back of your PC.

And if you need one last sweetener, this best-in-class gaming hardware won’t cost a fortune. The Logitech G810 is available now for just $129.99, including free delivery, so why wait? Now’s the ideal time to buy and upgrade to the pro gaming weapon of choice.

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