Winston buff and Roadhog tweaks heading to the PTR – Overwatch


Two tanks to be tweaked in an upcoming patch.

It’s not just Bastion and Mercy who are getting a little rebalancing love on the live servers soon – Roadhog and Winston are being cut into the action as well.

The changes to the two tanks will be tested out in a new PTR build that’s currently under development. Here’s the lowdown on the changes:


Scrap Gun

  • Spread decreased by 20%.

Chain Hook

  • Targets are now pulled to a location 3.5 meters away, up from 2 meters.
  • Cooldown increased from 6 to 8

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  • Critical hit volume reduced by 15%

The plan for Roadhog seems to be to tame his Chain Hook a little bit, while making general weapon usage a little more meaningful. It’s RIP for the old one-two takedown by the looks of it.

If you’re scratching your head over what that Winston change really means though, they’re effectively reducing the size of his head hitbox so critical hits are harder to nail.

SOURCE – Official Overwatch forums

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