Bungie denies banning hundreds of Destiny 2 PC players over third-party apps


Bungie denies it's down to third-party applications.

Destiny 2 has only just launched on PC and there are already many reports of players being wrongfully banned from the game for using third-party applications. Bungie insists, however, that while this means the game won’t run, it will not result in a permanent ban.

There have been many complaints about wrongful PC bans on the Destiny 2 subreddit over the last 24 hours, as well as on Bungie’s official forums. Players have determined that third-party overlays appear to be the cause, with anything from Discord to an external FPS counter said to bring down the banhammer. Bungie, however, has been quick to dismiss this theory.

With the problem clearly escalating, Bungie’s community manager Cozmo has stepped in with the following statement, ”Third-party applications that aren’t compatible with Destiny 2 may cause the game to not run but won’t result in a ban.”

During Destiny 2’s PC beta at the end of August, Bungie did confirm that its anti-cheat mechanisms may affect third-party applications, and further complaints on Bungie.net suggest that these systems are currently very sensitive. “Bans” have reportedly been handed out for just having Nvidia’s Geforce Experience application open at the same time.

It’s an understatement to say that there’s a lot of community confusion as to why exactly these exclusions are being handed out. Given that Destiny 2 has only just been released on PC, it’s hoped that these misunderstandings will be rectified – and the restrictions lifted a little – in the very near future. Until then, it’s probably best to shut down those third-party programmes while playing the game.

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