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Destiny 2: Campaign walkthrough – How to beat every mission in the game


Every Destiny 2 campaign mission, with walkthroughs for completing each one.

Our Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough contains guides to completing all 16 missions included with the blockbuster sequel.

Destiny 2’s Campaign is – mercifully – a much more enjoyable and richer experience than the rather tepid single-player story that arrived with the original game. Expect some seriously bombastic combat sequences right from the very start, the chance to go absolutely crackers with a collection of combat vehicles, and a very satisfying final showdown that will definitely keep you on your toes.

Although many of the missions are rather trivial to tick off the list, some of them do present a bit of a challenge. In our collection of walkthroughs for completing all sixteen of the game’s missions you will find every answer to any problem you could possibly be having. Just jump into the relevant link and you’ll find a blow-by-blow guide to beating every encounter in each mission.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see added to this guide, just let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to work it in. If you’d like a bit of insight into the Destiny 2 back-story, we’ve also included a bit of lore after the mission list.

If you want to be the best at every other area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.

UPDATE #4– We’ve brought attention to the brand new missions that’ll be introduced when Destiny 2’s first expansion the Curse of Osiris rolls around. We’ll continue updating this page with more tips and details as time goes by, so keep this article bookmarked for more!

Destiny 2 mission checklist

There are sixteen missions which form the core of the Destiny 2 single-player story. Here’s the complete list, and we’ll add links to the guides as and when they’re ready:

Curse of Osiris Missions

Destiny 2’s first expansion the Curse of Osiris launches on 5th December 2017, and with it comes a slew of brand new campaign missions. We’ll learn more about the mysterious vanguard Osiris and his connection to the Vex – we can’t wait.

Of course, we’ll be covering each of these missions and providing you with full walkthroughs, tips and strategy advice to beat them nice and easily. So keep this page bookmarked for more very soon!

Otherwise, make sure you head on over to our Curse of Osiris guide for all the important details on what’s coming to Destiny 2 next month.

Destiny 2 story basics

Here’s the background on the game’s story, and why the team have taken the approach they have:

  • The game’s story asks what happens when a world full of superheroes lose their power and their home.
  • In the opening hours of Destiny 2, players realise there is a foe who has the power to take everything they own, and take their power away.
  • The antagonist of the sequel is called Dominus Ghaul, a Cabal Warlord who has come to take the Light for himself. He’s not a super-villain, but feels he’s owed something – the developers referred to Alan Rickman’s character from Die Hard as an example of what they were aiming for.
  • The Traveller has been placed inside a sort of arcane cage, causing all Guardians to lose their Light – this is both unexpected and irreversible!
  • You are unable to return to The Tower.
  • As outcasts, your task is to reclaim your powers.

The campaign itself sends you across the solar system to entirely new places. The world is made up of far more than Patrols now – although they still exist – and you can also launch any activity from anywhere in the world, and without having to go into orbit! There are four regions in total that you can explore and adventure across: EDZ, Io, Nessus and Titan

How to get through the campaign fast

If you’ve already completed the campaign, or you simply don’t care much for the story and want to reach the endgame as quickly as possible, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

Our power levelling guide contains a number of tips and tricks that’ll help you breeze through the campaign in next to no time. We’ve also crammed it full of ways to level your character right up to the soft cap of 265, into the 290’s and beyond.

The Darkness

Right back at the game’s May 2017 event, the developers confirmed that The Darkness will not be making a return in Destiny 2.

Introduced as a vague evil in the original Destiny, the identity of the Darkness has never been revealed. In a recent interview with game director Luke Smith, he admits that there simply isn’t enough substance behind it to warrant its inclusion in Destiny 2’s story:

“Destiny 2 is a game about Light, and what happens when it’s taken from you, and the lengths that Guardians will go to get it back. We’re exploring the relationship between the player and the Ghost in terms of Light, and Ghaul’s coveting of the Light. As such, we wanted to carve off other things that we didn’t think were important to the release, such as words like The Darkness.”

Although The Darkness has been cut from this year’s sequel, Bungie recognise that they owe players some form of explanation in the future as to what it is. We could be in for a long wait though, as Smith confessed in another recent interview that they’re still figuring it out for themselves:

“We had no idea what it was. Straight up. We had no clue.”

At least we can be confident in the fact that they’ll be ditching The Darkness in favour of telling a more coherent story in Destiny 2, and expanding on the stuff that really matters!

A Lightless world

In Destiny 2, Bungie wants to explore what it means to be a Guardian when the Light has been stripped from you. For context, the Light is a mysterious power given to Guardians by The Traveler, which has been partially destroyed in this year’s sequel.

The original Destiny had Light levels, determined by the power of the gear you acquired. It was really more of a mechanic that allowed you to show off to your mates, than something which truly expanded on the universe you inhabited. By taking Light away from Destiny 2, they’re able to explore what it truly means for all the characters, giving us a personal insight into the game’s pivotal characters for the first time.

“Your Light, your guns, your armour, there’s something more to being a Guardian, than just all the ‘chachskis’ that you were covered with, and the weapons that we’re carrying. We get to see characters that have had confidence. We see familiar faces that we’ve gone to over and over Destiny 1, and how their characters are the same but they’ve changed in a way.”

There’s a real focus on loss, and personal struggle throughout Destiny 2’s campaign. Destiny 1 was more about building a foundation for the world, and the sequel fleshes out its characters with expansive stories.

Our NPCs are all struggling with the same thing. Zavala is going to struggle with what it means to be a Guardian, Ikora is going to struggle with what it means to be a Guardian, Kayde is going to struggle with what it means to be a Guardian. Each one of them have something about them and their connection to the Light, that we’ve taken away, that they ultimately have to learn how to fill and overcome.

The first Destiny didn’t quite capture our imaginations, and we went through the entire campaign without really caring much for any of the characters or what was going on in the wider universe – we desperately wanted to be engrossed in the story, it was just a little vague for our liking.

With all these new details though, it sounds like Bungie are going to deliver a more focused, engaging campaign. We’re completely on board and can’t wait to delve in when the time comes!

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