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Destiny 2 developers discussing end-game improvements


Bungie will have more to say on the matter very soon.

Bungie has stressed that it’s reading feedback from the community regarding the state of Destiny 2’s endgame content, and that discussions are taking place about how to improve this aspect of the game.

The news was confirmed in Bungie’s weekly blog post, which addressed player feedback and reiterated that it’s listening to suggestions from the community but needs time to decide on the direction Destiny 2 will take in the future.

Here’s what community manager Cozmo had to say:

“Ever since launch, there has been feedback posted anywhere and everywhere that discussions about Destiny 2 happen on the internet. I’m always dialed into our own feedback forum, as well all other avenues you travel to share your ideas with us. Some topics are as broad as “ways to make the Crucible more fun.” Some are much more specific, like “Add a method to mass delete shaders.

We’re reading as much of your chatter as we possibly can. There are millions of you, after all. One thing we have noticed is a lot of discussions about the end-game and how it can be improved. Right now, these discussions are also happening in our studio. We are listening, but need time to digest everything and draw up the best plans for the future. We will have more to say on this soon. Please stay tuned, and keep the conversation rolling.”

It’s fair to say that there’s been a fair bit of backlash from the community about Destiny 2’s end-game content. To put it simply, many Guardians are running out of things to do and find themselves taking to the forums to vent their frustration at the game’s lack of depth and replayability. It’s certainly an issue that Bungie needs to resolve when it comes to planning future content updates.

While it’s reassuring to know that Bungie has taken note of the community’s frustrations, it could be a little before we get a meaningful update on the situation. With the PC version of the game launching at the end of this month the team likely has its hands full.

As soon as we hear any more about the future of Destiny 2’s end-game, you’ll find details on the homepage.

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