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Destiny 2: Earth guide


The first details of one of the four worlds that form Destiny 2's universe.

Destiny 2 European Dead Zone (EDZ) guides and walkthroughs for every Adventure, Lost Sector, World Quest, Scannable Object and Chest on the planet.

Earth is one of the four explorable planets in Destiny 2, and is referred to more commonly as the European Dead Zone, or EDZ for short. It’s one of the busiest areas in the game in terms of opportunities to explore and complete, and you’ll likely be spending quite a lot of your time here in the coming months.

We’ve got links to every Adventure and Lost Sector in the EDZ as well as guides to locations of every Region Chest and Scannable Object. After something in the EDZ? Well, you’re in the right place!

We’ve split all of these different activities into different sections, so simply scroll down until you find what you want! It’s worth bookmarking this page so you can back with ease – we are continously adding new content guides after all. With that in mind, please let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to address as a priority, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Editor’s UPDATE #2: We’ve included a section down below that focuses on the Wildwood armour set you can obtain from Devrim Kay. We’ll continue updating this page over time, so keep this article bookmarked for more!

(Don’t forget we also have extensive guides to all of the content contained in Io, Nessus and Titan too!)

EDZ: Subclass Missions

As you’re levelling through the campaign and trying to hit level 20, chances are that you’ll stumble across relics that pulse with lost power. These elusive objects are obtained are you progress towards the level cap and begin participating in activities like Public Events and Lost Sectors.

Once you’ve got one in your inventory, it’ll ask you to eliminate a certain number of enemies and participate in a certain number of activities to fill up a meter. When that’s done, you’ll be tasked with returning to the Shard of the Traveler in the EDZ and reclaiming a lost Subclass.

We’ve put together a useful Subclass guide which covers everything you need to know about getting your second and third subclasses, so make sure you take look for more in depth info.

EDZ: Adventures

There are thirteen Adventures to be completed in the game’s European Dead Zone region and we’ve got links to walkthroughs for every single one just below.

EDZ: Lost Sectors

If you fancy doing a little light exploring, Lost Sectors let you clear out caves and take down bosses for pretty generous rewards. These don’t take too long to complete, but they can be quite tricky to pinpoint.

There’s a whopping sixteen of these to tick off the list on the European Dead Zone, and we’ve got guides for beating each one for you down below.



The Sludge

Winding Cove

Firebase Hades

Sunken Isles

More Destiny 2 world guides:

EDZ: Public Events

All in all, you will be able to complete 4 Public Events in the EDZ region and you’ll find them popping up on your map fairly frequently too.

Public Events

  • Defeat Excavation Valus
  • Defend Glimmer
  • Ether Resupply
  • Glimmer Extraction

It’s also worth noting that we’ve put together a handy guide to triggering the Heroic versions of these Public Events. These harder variants increase the amount of EXP you gain and the chance of rare loot dropping – so make sure you give our Heroic Public Events guide a once over!


Devrim Kay

Devrim Kay is the EDZ’s main NPC, and we’ve provided a brief overview of the features he brings.


  • Church, Trostland.
  • There’s a landing zone nearby which saves a lot of time getting to him.


  • He sells weapons and armour which can be bought with Glimmer.
  • He speaks to you while you’re out on Quests and Adventures.
  • You can earn EDZ Reputation by exchanging Dusklight Shards and EDZ Tokens with him. Doing so also rewards you with unique loot and Engrams.
  • Levelling up your EDZ Reputation rewards you with a Legendary Engram, which you can inspect to see what potential loot drops are inside.

EDZ: Redeemable Drops

Below you’ll find an outline of the collectible currency drops you will find while exploring the EDZ and what benefits they bring.

  • EDZ Tokens
  • Dusklight Shards

EDZ tokens are dropped randomly in all manner of activities in the EDZ. Typically you’ll earn one or two per Adventure or Public Event and you can even find them stashed in loot chests dotted around the EDZ. Handing them in to Devrim rewards you with a decent chunk of reputation.

Dusklight Shards are glowing crystals that you’ll stumble across when you’re out exploring the EDZ. As opposed to EDZ tokens, Dusklights shards don’t reward as much reputation when you hand them in to Devrim.

EDZ: Exotic World Quest

Once you’ve completed the main campaign and reached Power Level 260, you’ll be able to take on the “Enhance!” Questline given out by Devrim Kay. Upon completion it will reward you with an Exotic Scout Rifle called the Mida-Multi Tool. Take our word for it – you’ll want to get your hands on this weapon.

If you’re after all the details on this EDZ Exotic questline, our Mida-Multi Tool quest guide has got you covered.

EDZ: Armour Sets

Every vendor on each of Destiny 2’s planets offer a unique region themed armour set for every class in the game.

In the EDZ’s Devrim Kay’s got an array of armour sets on offer that are forest themed, bulky and camouflaged – perfect for roaming the war stricken wastes of an environment once lush with life eh?

Below we’ve linked a video that’ll show you the Wildwood armour sets for every class. Just skip to around 2:00 to see them in all their glory.

EDZ: Strike

The EDZ is home to its very own Strike, known as the Lake of Shadows.

The Lake of Shadows is a 1-3 player Strike and is PlayStation 4-exclusive until at least Fall 2018. Once the period of exclusivity has ended, it will become available to those playing on PC or Xbox One.

Take a look at our Lake of Shadows guide for more detail on what to expect from this co-operative encounter. Our Strike guide hub contains information about every other co-op challenge in the game as well.

EDZ: Scannable Objects

After some extra lore? Tracking down Scannable Objects will add a little extra insight into the Destiny universe.

There are just over 100 of these spread across the game, and there are 41 to find in the European Dead Zone. We’ve embedded a video down below by Arekkz who shows you exactly where to find each one. If you found it helpful, make sure to give it a thumbs up, and consider subscribing to his channel for more insightful Destiny 2 content.

EDZ: Region Chest Locations

Tucked away all over the European Dead Zone are a number of bulky yellow chests that reward you with 3 EDZ Tokens and a rare drop each time you crack one open.

Below we’ve embedded a video showing you exactly where to find each one, so if you find it useful, make sure you give it a thumbs up to support the creator.

EDZ: Screenshots

Four screenshots are available for the EDZ, giving us a nice look at the beautiful environments we’ll get to explore.

Our most popular Destiny 2 guides:

EDZ: Video

To give you an idea of what this new environment actually looks like, take a look at the trailer Bungie created to highlight the worlds of Destiny 2:

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