Destiny 2: Grimoire cards won’t be in the sequel


The story will now unfold more naturally within the sequel's world.

Grimoire cards will not be making a return in Destiny 2, it’s been confirmed. The news came in an interview conducted by Forbes with world developer Steve Cotton.

“We want to put the lore in the game,” he explained. “We want people to be able to find the lore.”

“All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.”

The Grimoire cards of the first game were collectible items which could be used to view stories and lore through the Destiny website or through a phone app. While rather addictive to track down and collect, they felt like a poor substitute for a proper in-game story, and it looks as though Bungie agrees.

That’s the latest scrap of information to hit the internet, then. Take a look through our growing Destiny 2 guide if you need to catch up on all of the other information that’s emerged in the wake of last week’s big reveal event.

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