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Destiny 2: What’s different from the first game?


A new developer video outlines everything that's new for Destiny 2.

On this page you’ll find details of everything that’s different in Destiny 2, straight from the developers.

Destiny presented us with a brilliantly realised sci-fi world, one that was filled with things to explore, enemies to shoot and tons of weapons to loot. It had its flaws though, from a paper thin story to major periods of content paucity.

We’re delighted to see the wealth of changes making it into Destiny 2, then. Put simply, Bungie are aiming to retain that addictive, punchy shooting while adding in a ton of new content where it was severely lacking in the first game.

We’ve broken down all of these important changes coming to Destiny 2, so you can get clued up on it quickly and start looking forward to it along with the rest of us. All of these changes have been rather handily outlined in the developer diary below, although we’ve also broken all of the detail down afterwards if you’d rather read through what’s new:

A brand new story

Here’s the basics of the new, fully fleshed out story:

Dominus Ghall strips the Guardians’ Light away from them by placing the Traveler in a cage. He’s also brought the Red Legion with him and they’ve destroyed the city along with the Vanguard. It’s up to you to rebuild and gather your strength to fight back.

Destiny 2 is a fresh start, meaning anyone – regardless of whether you played the first Destiny or not – can jump in and start their adventure without needing any prior knowledge of the series.

The original Destiny’s narrative suffered from a lack of personality. Meaningful relationships with main characters boiled down to accepting quests and moving on swiftly, while the quests themselves rarely offered any other interesting interactions beyond shooting enemies in the face and tirelessly deploying your Ghost. In Destiny 2, Bungie are injecting much-needed flavour into the story and fleshing out their characters with an all-new cinematic campaign that’ll feature the most cutscenes they’ve ever made.

Not only are they adding in tons of new cinematics, they’re also upping the number of story missions available per region. It seems like they’ve been listening really hard to the community’s feedback in bringing the world and its characters to life.

While you’re out exploring, you might bump into characters who will now actually speak to you and might even assign you an optional objective to complete. These activities might range from seeking buried treasure using a treasure map, to fighting your way through a dungeon in a Lost Sector mission.

New raids and weapons

  • There’s a brand new Raid that Bungie’s keeping under wraps for now. We’ll add more detail on this as soon as it becomes available.
  • All-new weapons, new armour and brand new Exotic weapons will be avaiable for looting!
  • We only know of a few Exotic weapons right now. There’s an SMG called Riskrunner, a Handcannon called Sunshot and an Autorifle called Sweet Business. Check out our Exotic Weapons guide for more on these juicy new guns.
  • The weapon slots have been redesigned. Instead of Primary, Secondary and Heavy weapon slots, you’ll be able to pack Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons.
  • In the Kinetic and Energy weapon slots, you can equip the same type of weapon for even greater flexibility. Want to use two assault rifles? Well now you can.
  • They’re introducing grenade launchers into the Power weapon slots – perfect for any explosives junkies out there.

Subclasses and Super Abilities

  • Each class has new Super Abilities within a brand new subclass.
  • The Warlock Dawnblade is able to summon a fiery, smouldering sword while hovering over the battlefield, raining down fire on enemies like a phoenix of doom!
  • The Titan Sentinel can unleash a purple, glowing shield that can smash opponents at close range, or he can fling it like a frisbee to decimate opponents from afar.
  • Finally, the Hunter Arcstrider can summon a mystical staff that can tear through opponents with some nifty acrobatic swings.

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