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Destiny 2: Homecoming walkthrough guide


A complete walkthrough for the earliest mission in Destiny 2.

Our Homecoming walkthrough for Destiny 2 contains a full guide to the opening mission, with tips on how to beat bosses Pashk and Brann, and complete all the objectives too.

One of the first missions you’ll tackle in Destiny 2 is called Homecoming, and sees you racing to escape the besieged Tower, while dealing with a delicious collection of enemy types.

We’re basing our guide off a playthrough by IGN as part of their ‘Firsts’ series covering Destiny 2 throughout the month. Do also note that some of the images are taken from this video which we’ve embedded for you below. Other images and information have been taken from Datto’s 4K footage of the mission when it was first revealed, so make sure you check that out too.

Once you’re done reading through this guide, don’t forget to check out our Destiny 2: Campaign walkthrough if you want to learn more about how the story’s shaping up. You’ll also find links to other mission walkthroughs towards the bottom of the page.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added a complete video walkthrough at the bottom of this article for those who prefer a little visual guidance too. We’ll continue updating this page with more tips and tricks as time goes by, so stay tuned for more content soon!

Proceed to the hangar: Part 1

– Homecoming starts you off in a flaming, collapsing structure within the Tower. Move forwards and follow the path that curves around to the left towards a crumbled opening. You’ll know if you’re in the right place because two Cabal Legionaries will be waiting there for you.

– Take them out and drop down into a room full of equipment. Continue down the corridor to your left and bear witness to a poor comrade of yours get slammed to the floor by another Cabal Legionary. Line up your weapon’s sight on his head, and once he’s finished, take him out. Another two Legionaries will swing round the corner quickly after, so now’s a good time to chuck a grenade into the mix.

– Once you’re done, just keep following the corridor until you get to a T junction. Turn left and you’ll encounter yet another Cabal Legionary. The door will then slowly open to reveal Cayde-6 on the other side!

– Cayde-6 will Golden Gun three Cabal, and you’ll be able to enter the room. Turn right and head up the stairs where you’ll meet a Titan who’ll yank a door open for you. Proceed inside and help yourself to a weapon off the rack in front of you.

Proceed to the hangar: Part 2

– There’s a door you’ll have to interact with just behind the weapons racks. Once it’s open, just head down the stairs and follow the path all the way down to the bottom. You’ll encounter two Cabal Legionaries in a burning corridor here, so take them out and continue through to the end.

– The corridor opens out into a rainy, industrial looking area with sets of stairs leading up to the right. Follow them up and around to the right where you’ll encounter three large fans on the wall. Again, simply follow the twists and turns until you reach the Tower Hangar.

– Welcoming you to the hangar, two Cabal Legionaries will be waiting for you at the entrance. Proceed forwards and you’ll find yourself on a small balcony overlooking a very dark, enclosed area. Step forwards a little and a bunch of Cabal Legionaries will spawn in, along with one Centurion. We recommend hanging back and rattling off shots from above.

– Once you taken care of the resistance, swing round to the right and you’ll see a dark corridor leading to a door. It’ll open out into a view of a giant Cabal Ship laying siege to the Tower. There’s a path to the right which will lead into the hangar itself. Here you’ll encounter a fair amount of resistance, so keep moving and use the small ships as cover to restore your health. Another thing to remember – don’t step in the flames, they really hurt!

– Cleared the area? Great. In the most open area (where you can see the Traveler in a distance), look to your right and you’ll notice a balcony forming a very convenient ramp. Jump up to through the entrance and crouch walk your way through the tight space.

– Keep plowing ahead and you’ll reach the next stage of the mission.

Reach Zavala

– Simply move forwards and you’ll drop down onto a short path which leads to a balcony.

– Press onwards a short distance and you’ll reach a balcony overlooking a beautiful – albeit war-torn – vista. Turn right and follow the balcony along until the familiar plaza of the Tower opens up to you.

– In the distance on your far right, you’ll see a big purple bubble where Zavala is holed up. Make your way towards this, but get ready for a huge orb that’ll land directly at your feet as you draw a little closer.

– Take out the two Kabal that emerge from the orb and then begin making your way towards the steps that lead to Zavala. There’s a couple more Kabal harassing Zavala, so deal with them too.

– Run up to him, and he’ll take cover behind a rocky pillar. At this point, two more Kabal will jetpack towards you, so eliminate them. There’s a brief respite and an ominous rumbling, before a couple more Kabal need dealing with.

Survive the assault

– Zavala will raise a Void shield to protect you from a barrage, and then it’s a case of surviving three waves of enemies.

– Two orbs will fall from the sky, carrying three or four Kabal each. Here’s a good time to pop your Super Ability to take them out quickly!

– Once you’ve dealt with them, watch your back as a few Kabal will spawn to catch you off guard. We recommend hunkering by Zavala and popping out to headshot enemies as they move towards you.

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Get through the street market

– Now you’ve survived the onslaught, it’s time to leave the Plaza and go about finding the Speaker. A big white marker will appear on your HUD leading you up a staircase and into a decrepit building.

– Proceed down the steps until you get to the sweeper bot, a doorway will open that leads to the ‘Tower North’. Here you’ll find four Legionaries who’ll promptly get obliterated by Ikora. Once she’s done demolishing a Kabal space ship, look directly behind you and forge onwards.

– An orb containing three Kabal will drop in front of you, so eliminate these guys and turn immediately to your right. Take out the Kabal at the entrance and move into the narrow street market.

– You’ll encounter Kabal Legionaries as well as two larger Incendiors. It’s worth keeping your distance here and strafing when you can, otherwise they’ll cover you in highly damaging flame. Aim at the gas canisters on their backs and they’ll promptly explode.

– Clear out the street and move through into an area with a large tree in the middle. Again, deal with the Incendior and the Kabal Legionaries. There’s also a Centurion here who’s got a larger health pool than the others. Keep your aim glued to his head and he’ll be staggered and drop dead in no time!

– You’ll know the area is clear when a lengthy cutscene plays.

Disable the security and beat Pashk the Searing Will

– Once it’s over, you’ll be dropped into a place called The Chosen. Follow the ramp all the way to the top and a little mechanism will push out a big spiky ball. Turns out it also works as makeshift mini-ramp. Hop onto it and make your way up inside the building.

– Eliminate the three Kabal and look at the wide, orange wall to your left. The cascading, cube design will fall away and reveal a wide balcony. Move onto the balcony and turn left, you’ll loop round into a new area.

– At first there won’t be much here, so push forward and deal with the Kabal. Veer to the right and do the same, ducking behind the crates if you need to recover health. Now prepare yourself for a bit more of a fight.

– Mini-boss, Pashk the Searing Will, should suddenly appear in the middle of this area. Be wary of his flame spitting weapon and hang back. Focus fire on the other Kabal before turning your attention to him – it’ll make life far easier.

– Pashk isn’t as strong as he looks, so whip out your Heavy weapon or use your Super Ability and simply let loose. He’ll even go down pretty quickly with a few choice headshots as well.

Defeat Brann the Unbent Blade

– Once you’ve defeated him, a door will open up. Follow this path all the way and you’ll reach the largest area yet. Two Psions will be there to greet you. They have strong weaponry, but can’t take much punishment, so prioritise finishing them off quickly.

– Proceed further into the area and more Kabal will spawn. Focus on utilising your jumps, as this’ll enable you to gain an elevated position above your enemies. Don’t stop moving either, as enemies will have a much harder time landing hits on you.

– Clear them out and you’ll face off against the main boss of the area – Brann the Unbent Blade. He’s got a big energy cannon that dishes out highly damaging AoE blasts, so don’t stand still and keep moving!

– Focus fire on his head as this’ll ensure you’re dealing optimal damage to him. Don’t be afraid to duck behind cover to avoid his attacks and pop out to deal damage. If you can, draw close to him and chuck a grenade at his feet, as it’ll really knock his health bar down a good notch.

– Be wary of the Gladiator enemy who spawns too, as he’s got a couple of nasty blades to slice you with. He’ll want to close the gap to use them though, so focus him down with a shower of bullets as he jumps in on you.

– Once the area is clear, proceed through the big, glowing entrance marked on your HUD. Make your way to the end, and the door will open out. Drop all the way down to the rafter below and proceed forwards towards the next entrance.

Destiny 2 walkthrough content

Use the links below to access all of our mission walkthroughs:

Defeat Kreth the Living Skyfire…and the generator.

– Prepare yourself, as an Incendior will be standing right outside. Take him out, and proceed forwards. We recommend switching to a submachine gun for this next bit, as you’ll encounter a bunch of enemies including Psions and Cabal. Spray them down and prepare to take on mini-boss Kreth the Living Skyfire.

– Despite his fancy name, he’s not all that powerful. Direct a constant volley of shots to his head and he’ll stumble backwards while taking huge damage. If you’re hurt, just run away and duck into a corner.

– Move forwards and you’ll reach an enormous spinning generator. You’re aim here is to destroy three turbines that circle the generator itself. It might seem overwhelming at first, but there’s a trick to it that’ll make it really easy.

– First, shoot the turbine without even stepping down into the generator. It’s quite small and doesn’t respond to your shots at first, but keep pumping it full of lead and it’ll begin changing colour and eventually stop working.

– Wait for an opening and jump down into the crevice below the spinning blades. As soon as its clear, jump forwards and up onto the middle platform of the generator – you’re safe here. Circle it and wait for an opening to hop down onto the next turbine.

– Again, it’s just a process of rinse and repeat. If you’re decent at timings, you can speed up the process by jumping down onto the spinning blade’s territory as soon as one swings past. Follow it in the direction it’s heading and you’ll drop down into one of the turbine areas.

– Now that they’re all destroyed, the generator and spinning blades will stop moving. Jump up to the large opening directly opposite where you first entered the area and proceed forwards towards the flaming building to trigger the final cutscene – mission complete.

Video Walkthrough

Below we’ve embedded a video walkthrough of the mission itself so you can get an even better idea of how to tackle certain scenarios and fight your way through.

This video’s also great if you find the generator’s spinning blades difficult. TheDalekBuster (great name) illustrates our points above with some finesse – don’t fear them, just follow them as they circle around!

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