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Destiny 2: Season 2 guide – Events, Weapons, Armour, Ornaments and more


Everything we know so far about Destiny 2's second season.

Our Destiny 2: Season 2 guide contains everything we know so far about Destiny 2’s second season, including information on events, weapons, armour, ornaments and more.

With the Curse of Osiris launch comes a brand new Season, which means a complete refresh of the Eververse store and the beginning of changes to some of Destiny 2’s core mechanics.

Right at the top of the page we’ve put together two sections that focus on the most important updates that have currently gone live since the DLC launched: Eververse changes and sandbox updates.

Many other details on Destiny 2’s upcoming content were revealed during Bungie’s livestream at Twitchcon 2017. We’ve provided a round-up in our pre-release section just below the first two sections.

We will of course continue be updating this page with more information as Season 2 progresses. We know that The Dawning is almost upon us, and we’ll be providing a complete breakdown of all the content that’ll be coming to Destiny 2 when it arrives later this month.

For everything on Destiny 2’s first expansion, check out our Curse of Osiris guide for links to all of our walkthroughs and more!

Season 2: All Eververse Items

Now that Season 2’s well underway, the Eververse has undergone a complete makeover adn we’re no longer receiving Season 1’s Bright Engrams. Instead we’re earning Illuminated Engrams that’ll reward us with a bunch of brand new cosmetic items – ships, Sparrows and fancy Ghost shells to name a few.

As we don’t want to burden you with a tedious scroll through all the new cosmetics in the Eververse, we’ve linked a handy video below by MisterBo that’ll showcase every piece of snazzy gear you’ll be able to bag in Season 2.

Season 2: Sandbox Update

With the launch of Curse of Osiris, Bungie’s released a number of sweeping changes to Destiny 2’s sandbox. While other updates might focus purely on adding content to Destiny 2, sandbox updates focus on altering existing mechanics or items in the game to provide a better gameplay experience.

It’s an enormous list, and you can check all the changes out on Bungie’s official blog post if you’re interested in absorbing every tidbit of information. Otherwise, we’ve linked a brilliant video by Houndish below that’ll take you through all the important changes.

Do make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you found it helpful!

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris guides


UPDATE: 30th November 2017

In our previous update just below we mentioned that Bungie would deliver a blog post on its future short terms plans for Destiny 2. Well, we’ve gathered all the key details from this post and provided a complete breakdown for you over on our December Updates guide. Once Season 2 kicks off, we can certainly expect some pretty big changes!

UPDATE: 29th November 2017

Season One is coming to a close this week and Season Two will begin on 5th December 2017 alongside the release of Curse of Osiris. If you want to find out what’s coming in the next season, do make sure to have a look at all the sections below.

What’s more, Bungie has a detailed blog post coming our way today (29th November 2017) which will give us more information on its plans for the future of Destiny 2. We’ll update this page accordingly when we learn more, so stay tuned!

Season Goals

For the foreseeable future, Destiny 2’s major content updates will be released across so-called Seasons. Currently we’re in Season 1, while Season 2 is slated to begin at the end of the year alongside the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC.

Here’s what Bungie’s goals are for each Season of play in Destiny 2.

  • More predictable cadence for game updates.
  • Changing themes for the player experience.
  • Sandbox tuning, new features, more content.

The Dawning

Much of Bungie’s livestream focused on Destiny 2’s first seasonal event, The Dawning. Arriving immediately after Destiny 2’s second Season kicks off, The Dawning will sprinkle some festive Christmas cheer over Destiny’s universe.

What can we expect from The Dawning?

  • Guardians will be able to play ice hockey in the Tower.
  • Players will be able to engage in snowball fights across the entire game world. There will also be incentives to use snowballs to gain an advantage in combat – even in Strikes!
  • There will be three Dawning-themed armour sets to collect.
  • There will be new emotes, weapons and other collectible items.
  • Each social space and much of the game world will receive a wintery, christmassy makeover. There will be unique easter eggs and fun interactive elements too.

Iron Banner

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner PVP event has already made its first appearance in Destiny 2 and will receive an overhaul in Season 2.

  • No date has been set for the next Iron Banner event in Season 1, but we suspect it will arrive in late November. There will be no major changes to its formula.
  • In Season 2, Iron Banner is going to receive quite a few tweaks. The token system will remain, but players will now be able to purchase gear from Lord Saladin using Legendary Shards.
  • New Iron Banner weapons will be introduced with Season 2, featuring new decals and perks. Energy weapon equivalents of each Kinetic weapon will also be available.
  • Season 1’s Iron Banner armour sets will be getting an Ornament slot. In Season 2, players who complete certain Iron Banner challenges will unlock Ornaments for these armour pieces that change their appearance.
  • Iron Banner gear/ornaments will be tied to their seasons. Come Season 3, they will not be available to earn again.

Trials of the Nine

Bungie didn’t outline any major changes to Trials of the Nine, which suggests the publisher believes it’s in a pretty good spot at the moment. The only mention of Trials was with regards to adding new Ornaments to existing weapons. We’ve linked an image of them below, although we expect quite a few more will be revealed when Season 2 swings around.


Faction Rally

Rituals are global events that everyone in Destiny 2 can get involved in.

Bungie touched on Season 2’s Faction Rally event and expalined that it will largely remain the same as Season 1’s, albeit with brand new armour set ornaments to obtain.

Working in exactly the same way as Iron Banner ornaments in Season 2, players will be able to obtain Faction-specific armour ornaments that modifies Season 1’s look.

Here’s some official concept art of Season 2’s armour sets.

Clarion Call

Another aspect of Rituals in Destiny 2 will involve global changes initiated by Clarion Calls. The first Clarion Call will debut before the end of Season 1 and will allow Guardians who play with at least one clanmate in any activity to receive double XP.


Finally, there will be a tonne of new cosmetic items coming with Season 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2’s Eververse.

  • Bright Engrams will be completely refreshed with new items each Season. Didn’t get that exotic Spicy Ramen emote in Season 1? Too bad, it won’t be available in Season 2.
  • Bungie debuted one Exotic emote called “Mic Drop”.
  • A couple of new ships and Sparrows were also previewed. These will become available in Season 2.
  • A new Dawning Exotic ship was also shown off and will only be unlockable during this year’s Dawning event.
  • A few new Ghosts were showcased, with one of them featuring a solar system design that rotates with you!

We’ve embedded images of all these cosmetics below, so be prepared for a lengthy scroll!


With each new season, Clans will also receive a slight makeover.

  • Clan perks will be refreshed with benefits that fit the overall theme of the second season.
  • Clans who’ve reached level 6 (max level) in Season 1 will earn a new clan stave to show off their achievement.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is very much a snapshot of the changes as we currently know them, and the content Bungie will be bringing to Destiny 2 in the future. We’re certainly excited by what was shown and looking forward to seeing what else Bungie has in store for us.

We’ll be sure to cover the latest Destiny 2 news here on the site, so keep us bookmarked for any future updates.

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