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Destiny 2: Sacrilege walkthrough guide – How to kill the Taken Wizards and Brausk


Our complete walkthrough for Destiny 2’s Sacrilege mission.

Our Destiny 2: Sacrilege walkthrough guide explains how to beat the Wizards and Vortex Mind in this 10th mission.

Sacrilege has you exploring trap-riddled caverns before taking on some particularly powerful Taken enemies. It’s all about keeping your distance during the combat here, as it’s easy to get swarmed and overwhelmed. Follow our step by step guide though and you’ll make it through with very little bother.

Note that this is the first iteration of our Sacrilege guide and we’ll be updating it with images, gameplay footage and further details in the near future. If you need help with another missions, check out our comprehensive Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough.

If you’re after help with a different Destiny 2 mission, make sure you check the links at the very bottom of this page – all of our mission guides go live there as soon as they’re completed!

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added in a vital new tip to defeating Brausk, as well as a video walkthrough right at the bottom. We’ll continue updating this guide with in depth strategy advice over time, so stay tuned for more!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Move through the caverns

Make your way through the Lost Oasis and into Terrabase Charon. Here you’ll be greeted by a group of War Beasts and some shield-bearing Cabal Phalanxes. Psions are also present here, so use cover and remove all these targets, starting with the War Beasts, then Phalanxes and finally the Psions.

There’s a ledge to your upper left, so hop up there and deal with the fodder. Venture through the corridor and into Excavation Site II, where you’ll notice Taken traps lining the area. It’s worth shooting them while heading into the cavern with a ledge above you, and an exit straight ahead.

A dozen Taken Psions are in this area and should be your priority target. They’re pretty vulnerable so take them out swiftly with some quick bursts to the head. Once you’re done, exit the cavern at ground level and begin moving up the steps of the linking chamber dead ahead. Again, move up to a second cavern and hop up to the platform above and to the left of you. Use this to rain fire down on the Psion below.

Keep progressing and gun down the Taken Phalanxes and Thralls in your way. Simply retreat a little and aim for the head, and they should go down eventually. Continue down the passage until you reach the glowing blue floor.

Up ahead there will be some Taken Thralls and unexploded traps knocking around. Take care of them and pass through into the next cavern where you can either fight or flee from some Taken Psions and a Phalanx. Head back out and onto the surface again.

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Defeat the three Taken Wizards

Upon arriving back outside on the platform, take out the Psions and look to your immediate left. It’s here that you’ll spot the first Taken Wizard.

We recommend switching to an energy weapon to deplete the Wizard’s shield, before switching to another weapon of your choice and bombarding him with gunfire. Use the crates and large pipes as cover.

Don’t break away from combat with the Wizard as he’ll regenerate his shield, so it’s worth taking a few cheap shots from time to time if you’re dealing with some of the other enemies too.

Rotate clockwise towards the next Wizard floating among the rocks, and leap up to the ledges to take it out from afar. Same protocol: deplete the shield and aim for the head. You know the drill by now.

Don’t jump all the way down, and try and stay atop these ledges as you move towards the last Wizard. As long as you’re up high, most of the other hostile units won’t be able to scratch you up here, providing you with the perfect, uninterrupted sniping spot.

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Defeat Brausk, Herald of Savathun

Once you’ve taken down the Wizards, the area becomes encased in a dark dome. Back up to your original platform and deal with the Taken Psions that are spawning in, taking care to use the cover so as to avoid losing too much armour.

Now it’s time to face off against Brausk – it’s all about keeping your distance here! He’ll stay in the central part of the arena, so stick to the upper perimeter of the mission area, and move along the platform.

Check the ramp for any enemies coming your way, but otherwise concentrate on whittling down his health and using the platform’s cover to avoid his attacks. Aim for the head and shoot the homing orbs he sends your way.

By far the best strategy when you’re in the thick of the fight is to position yourself high above Brausk on the perimeter of the arena. This gives you the perfect vantage point to shoot his face and it gives you plenty of time to deal with the mobs and homing orbs he’ll spawn in. Simply sit up top and pepper his face, running to another similar position if you’re getting a little swamped.

When you feel the time is right, don’t be afraid to activate your Super and focus on the Brausk. Keep running and gunning, but mainly utilising the cover so you don’t get overwhelmed by his attacks. Be patient and prepare for a slog, as his health pool is pretty hefty. A little patience goes far here though.

Brausk’s attack patterns don’t really change either, so stick to the plan and he’ll go down eventually. Once you’ve defeated him, that’s the mission over! For help with the next part of the story, simply refer to the links just a little further up this page.

Video Walkthrough

Below we’ve embedded a video which’ll help you get the gist of how to complete this mission without too much hassle. While we’ve illustrated a final boss strategy in our text walkthrough above, you’ll see this all in action here too.

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