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Destiny 2: Spark walkthrough guide – How to beat Rankhov the Survivor


Everything you need to know to beat the Spark mission in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2: Spark walkthrough will help you beat Rankhov the Survivor, having cleared the Marauder’s Grotto, Abandoned Mine, Dark Forest Crash Site and Dark Forest Shard Site.

When you’re ready to continue the Destiny 2 story, you’ll begin the section called Spark. As with all of the missions so far, you only need be Level 1 to get stuck into this next mission, and the Power rating recommendation has not changed from 10. Everything’s still pretty easy at this stage of the campaign really, but our guide to this mission contains everything you need to know to breeze through it.

Once you’ve beaten this mission, don’t forget that our Destiny 2 Campaign Walkthrough contains guides to all of the other story missions. You can also access walkthroughs for individual missions using the links included towards the bottom of this page!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Clear the Marauder’s Grotto

Make your way down the road, using your crouch ability to get through some of the more crammed area, then jump over the gap you come to. If you mess this up at any stage, just clamber your way back up and try again.

Keep making your way through the gloomy tunnel up ahead, then grab your Power weapon when you’re told to do so. Use this weapon to kill all of the Fallen who are ahead and below your current position.

Before you leap down into the next area, make sure you’ve reloaded so you have a full clip to deal with the Fallen Marauders lurking below. Watch out for their shimmering outline and do what you can to take them out before they get into melee range. When they’re right up in your face they can do an impressive amount of damage. Now is not the time to risk an embarrassing early death!

As soon as every last one of these horrible creatures have been defeated, climb to the other side of this area and keep making your way through the tunnel.

Survive the Abandoned Mine

After a little while you’ll reach a mine, and the first thing you should come across is a Loot Chest – hooray! You should keep your eyes out for these bonus chests whenever you come to a new area, as they’ll often contain something useful to help you survive the next section.

As soon as you’ve looted everything inside – and changed up your gear if you so desire – run up the steps until you come to a balcony which provides an impressive view over the Dark Forest.

Explore the The Dark Forest Crash Site and Shard sites

Jump down from the balcony so you’re in the forest below you. Make your way downhill towards the fire, but watch out for the Cabal Ship. Once you get within a certain proximity of it, you’ll have to do battle with a load of Fallen Dregs. Although they are individually pretty weak, they prefer to fight in swarms and you can become overwhelmed if you’re not careful.

For this reason, do what you did with the War Beasts earlier and try to kill as many from range as you can, and try to land headshots too so that you make faster work of each one. Patience is a virtue here, and if you avoid getting too cocky then you should have no trouble surviving the onslaught. Just keep an eye on your ammo, and reload whenever there’s a pause in battle.

Keep in mind as well that there is a Marauder around here somewhere, so be ready for a slightly tougher fight at any time.

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When every enemy is dead, keep heading forwards through the ravine, but be aware of Dregs which are dotted around the boulders. You’ll also be attacked by a pack of Wretches further along, and if you push forward too quickly you might find yourself in trouble. Again, do whatever damage you can from range, look for headshots, and let them come to you.

A Fallen Marauder will also attack as you make your way forwards, and a few more Dregs and Wretches will also join the fight before long. Stay aware of the space around you, use cover, and don’t be afraid to beat a hasty retreat if you need to recharge before finishing the fight.

Keep heading forwards, killing the Dreg enemies you counter along the way, but be ready to fight a couple of Captain enemies further ahead. This is a good opportunity to start practising juggling weapon energy types, using the correct tool to take down the shield in question.

Finally, you’ll have to deal with Rankhov the Survivor, your first proper boss!

Destiny 2 walkthrough content

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Tips and tactics for killing Rankhov the Survivor

The mission mini-boss – Rankhov the Survivor – is tougher than the enemies you’ve faced so far. He’s not exactly rock-hard to kill, but we’ve got a strategy to help you beat him anyway.

All of those columns of light you can see help rapidly charge up your Super and grenade ability, so once you’ve run out of charge, just use them to keep your personal god-mode going. Make sure you deal with the various enemies that pop up during the fight, but otherwise focus on delivery unholy vengeance against Rankhov himself.

You’ll have to deal with waves of Dregs, Marauders and Wretches as you battle to beat the boss, but this should be more fun than challenge! If you do run out of Super, just top up in those light columns again and keep battering away at everything.

Once the boss is down you’ll hit Level 2, then you’ll be packed off into Orbit.

You’ll actually be instructed to revisit this area as and when you unlock your remaining two sub-classes. The strategy advice is much the same for both repeat journeys – charge your Super up, and give ’em all hell!

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