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Destiny 2: Supremacy guide


Here’s how to become the ultimate Crest collector.

Our Destiny 2: Supremacy guide has all the strategy advice, tips and tricks you could need to gather those Crests and win more games.

Need to scratch that competitive itch? Destiny 2’s Crucible mode is the perfect place to show off your expert marksmanship. The first game featured six on six battles, but that’s now been replaced with four on four skirmishes. This makes each game mode more intense, and places greater emphasis on team interaction, which should lead to some very exciting matches indeed.

Destiny 2’s bringing back its Supremacy mode and it remains very much the same as it was in the previous game. Not only do you have to take down your enemies, you have to grab tokens from their corpses in order to secure points for your team.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a brief rundown of everything you need to know about Supremacy. Once your done absorbing all of this, make sure you head over to our massive Destiny 2 Crucible 2 PVP guide, which contains a huge amount of information on the game’s competitive scene. We’ve also got links to individual PVP guides towards the bottom of this very page.

How does Supremacy work?

In very simple terms, this is what you should expect from a Supremacy match.

Basic outline

  • Features two teams of four players per team.
  • Matches last a total of eight minutes.
  • The first team to collect 50 enemy Crests – or the team with the highest score when the eight minute timer expires – wins.

Collecting Crests

Scoring in Supremacy is a two-part process. First of all you need to take out an enemy. Then, you – or a member of your team – must pick up their Crest.

There’s also another dynamic though, and that’s the ability to collect your allies’ Crests in order to prevent the opposing team from picking them up and scoring points.

  • Enemy Crests (Red) – Adds +1 to team score.
  • Ally Crests (Blue) – Gives no points but prevents opposing team from scoring.

Power Ammo

In Supremacy, maps contain three Power Ammo spawn points: one on each side, and another towards the center.

  • The neutral crate spawns 20 seconds into the match. This Power Ammo does not respawn once it has been collected!
  • The other two crates appear 90 seconds into the match. Once collected, they take 90 seconds to respawn.

Destiny 2: PVP Mode guides

Supremacy Tips and Strategies

  • Survival is key. As long as the enemy team is finding it tough to secure kills, your chances of winning increases dramatically.
  • If you’ve dropped an enemy, avoid immediately rushing in as there could be an enemy waiting in the wings nearby. Instead, take a second to assess the situation before going to grab that Crest.
  • It’s best to buddy up as you’re roaming around the map. This way you have a greater chance of getting kills and collecting Crests, and helps prevent the enemy team from collecting your Crests if you suddenly get eliminated.
  • Don’t hesitate to pick up enemy Crests, even if you weren’t responsible for getting the kill – it’s all about nabbing those points for your team!
  • You can try baiting enemy team members into their demise by leaving an enemy Crest on the ground for a little while. Their allies may rush in to pick it up, only to be met by your team’s gunfire.
  • Power Ammo is vital for securing easy kills and, in turn, Crests. Make sure you’re keeping tabs on when it spawns and who’s got hold of it. Try to run a mental timer at the back of your mind, and communicate with your team when you believe a timer to be up.

For now, that’s all we’ve got. We’ll be sure to update this guide considerably when we get some more hands on time with this PVP mode. Keep this page bookmarked for further strategy advice in the very near future!

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