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Destiny 2: Hope walkthrough guide – How to kill Ubara, Hive Prince


Our complete walkthrough for finishing Destiny 2's Hope mission.

Our Destiny 2: Hope walkthrough will help you beat Ubara, Hive Prince, having cleared the remainder of this heavily defended sea fortress.

Hope is the next of Destiny 2’s missions, and it takes you to the world of Titan for the first time in the Campaign so far. It’s recommended that you begin this mission at Level 4 and when you have a Power Level around 50. Chances are you’ve ticked off both these recommendations by now, but if you haven’t, go do a Patrol or two until you’re at the recommended levels.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added a video walkthrough to this mission which you’ll find at the bottom of this page. We’ll continue updating this guide with further strategy advice over time, so keep this article bookmarked for more!

You’ll need to be pretty nimble for this next missions, because your first task here is to navigate through some precision platforming. Just move between platforms – dodging the sea whatever you do, as it will kill you – and before long you’ll find yourself inside a tower. Clear the way before heading onwards and up, and then get ready to deal with the next bit of platforming when you come to a gap.

Clearing the Kemphaan and Poelruiter rigs

Pretty shortly after you enter the next zone (named Kemphaan Rig) you’ll need to fight half a dozen or more very fast-moving Thralls. Don’t let them get close to you, and just back up into the preceding area if you need a little more room to play with.

To take them out quickly, try landing a nice head-shot on your target, and don’t forget to use your melee attack if any of the enemies get just a little too close for comfort.

When you enter the next room, you’ll have to deal with a smaller but no less deadly pack of Thralls. The good news is that because you’ve just cleared out a fair bit of space for yourself, you can afford to use even more space to survive the encounter. Just move into the previous area if things are hotting up too much.

When these enemies have been taken care of, just head right when you reach the massive pipes to find yourself inside yet another room, with another pack of those rather bothersome Thralls. Take ’em all out (you should be pretty good at this by now!), then exit the rig in the direction of the new platform.

Keep jumping across the gaps here until you reach the Poelruiter Rig. You’ll come across a pretty intimidating bunch of Acolytes as you head deeper into this area, and some of them can chuck a fair bit of fire around – watch your positioning, and give yourself all the space you need. As annoying as they are, they do lack armour and so can be pretty rapidly taken out with a well-aimed bullet to the face.

When you get to the next area with the floor fan, just drop down until you find yourself on the cargo platform. Kill the Thralls who are pottering about down here, then eliminate the pack of Acolytes on the low platform. After that, kill the other Acolytes ahead and to the left of where you landed, climb up the steps and pass through the door ahead of you.

In the next section you’re going to have to deal with more Thralls, some Acolytes and a new enemy called a Knight. However you choose to tackle this encounter, we recommend making sure the Knight is your number one priority until he’s on the floor.

Hit him in the head, then tear him to pieces once the shield’s been destroyed. Just keep a close eye out for the many projectiles that he likes to throw around, and stay agile while you’re smashing away at his health bar.

Keep heading forwards once all of the enemies have been dealt with, then bear right until you’re on a new gantry which connects the Sinking Docks with Siren’s Watch. From here, just keep going forwards now until you reach the new area.

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How to finish the Cargo Bay and Spawn Pod Chamber

The next section is an excellent opportunity to get some target practise in using the rocket launcher you’ve just nabbed, so use it straight away on the cluster of Thralls who race down the stairs on the left, right towards you. If you don’t manage to get the job done in one or two shots, don’t forget that you can always retreat a little and take a more traditional approach to destroying them!

Make your way towards the enemies stationed right up ahead of you. You’re going to have to deal with more Thralls, Acolytes and Knights, so simply use the same tactics we mentioned earlier on in this walkthrough to deal with them in an efficient manner.

When you’re in the next chamger, your job is to simply obliterate the egg sacs that are located all around this area. Remember that grenader launcher you picked up earlier? Let’s make scrambled eggs! This weapon should also help you deal a decent amount of damage to the other Knights, Thralls and Acolytes in this room.

Clearing the computer room

Head up, go through the tunnel and then take a left so you can kill all the Hive enemies inside. Again, your grenade launcher can be used to make pretty light work of the various enemies you’ll encounter around here.

Keep making your way through this area, dealing with the Knight and his Acolytes as you go. By the time you’ve completed the circuit, you should be back on familiar ground.

Make your way up the steps in the direction of the Acolytes, and then use the industrial units nearby as cover while you pick off the remaining forces.

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Tips and tactics for killing Ubara, Hive Prince

There are two orange-coloured pipes just in front of you here. Leap over the gap to the left of these units, and head up until you come to a roof with the Acolytes and Knight. Once these enemies are down, be aware that you’ll automatically trigger a fight against another eight Acolytes and the mission boss, Ubara, Hive Prince!

When Ubara spawns, run as fast as you can onto the highest part of the roof, and just smash through a few Acolytes to give yourself at least a little bit of breathing space. In general it’s best to deal with Ubara after you’ve taken out the adds here, so just dodge his attacks while you whittle down his assistants.

When the boss goes down, make your way to the next objective and meet up with Zavala. This marks the end of the mission.

Video Walkthrough

To help you out even further we’ve linked a complete video walkthrough for you just below.

If you found it helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to their channel to support their content.

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