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Destiny 2: This week’s Prestige Nightfall Strike contains a major glitch


Failing spawns cause an awful lot of wasted time for the community.

This week’s Prestige Nightfall Strike – set on Exodus Crash – contains a glitch that prevents the second set of Arc Pulses from spawning altogether.

These elements form part of a main objective that players must complete in order to progress any further through the encounter, and so it’s proved to be showstopping for many players.

Many members of the community are aware of the glitch and an angry post asking for a fix on the Destiny 2 subreddit is just one example of an attempt to attract Bungie’s attention.

The glitch itself only seems to occur on the Prestige version of this week’s Nightfall Strike. During the opening stages of this group content, you’re required to pass through a number of Arc Pulses (shining blue pillars of light) before you can progress through to the next area.

Although the first area seems to work just fine, there’s another section around mid-way through the Strike which is meant to house another set of Arc Pulses. Alas, the glitch stops them from spawning in and leaves players with rather a lot of wasted time on their hands.

Skip to around 4:54 in the video we’ve embedded below and you’ll see the glitch in action.

Thankfully, video producer TheGameconomist seems to have found a handy workaround for the glitch and it’s pretty simple.

One person must wait in the area prior to where the second set of Arc Pulses should spawn. The other two players should carry on and scout the next zone and check to see if they’ve appeared. If they haven’t, everyone should quickly make their way back to the starting area. This seems to refresh the second set of Arc Pulses, which should then suddenly pop up.

Bungie’s yet to comment on the glitch, although we imagine a hotfix for the problem is already in the works. If you’re looking for some help completing the Nightfall Strike, look no further than our Nightfall Exodus Crash Strike guide – it’s got loads of tips and tricks for completing the encounter with ease.

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