The Worlds of Destiny 2 trailer released


Get a closer look at your new homes from home in this gorgeous developer diary.

Bungie has just releaed a new teaser trailer for Destiny 2, titled The Worlds of Destiny 2.

In it we get a closer look at the four new destinations that are coming with the sequel: Earth, Io, Nessus and Titan.

The developers also discuss some of the philosophy behind these new designs.

Players no long have to go into Orbit before selecting a destination, for example, which means they can jump straight into the action with minimum delay.

As well as the main story campaign, there’ll be more to do on each planet as well, with surprises and new activities tucked behind every corner.

Our Destiny 2 guide contains more on what you can expect from the game when it’s released on September 8th 2017. Until then, drink in your new homes from home in the trailer below:

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