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Doomfist Tips: Seismic Slam tricks and strategy advice – Overwatch


Get to grips with Doomfist's jump smash.

Doomfist thrives in close quarters combat, dealing frightening amounts of damage with his enormous robotic gauntlet. He’s able to leap and bound across the battlefield with unrivalled mobility, before rocketing into the sky and plummeting back down to earth with one big AoE flourish.

Seismic Slam is an essential part of Doomfist’s kit, that allows him to spring across the map and flank around enemies with relative ease. There’s a real focus on outmaneuvering your opponents with this ability, and we’ve put together some tips and tricks which will help you get the drop on your targets.

We’ll continuously update this article with more strategy advice as we get more hands on time with Doomfist. Keep this page bookmarked for more!

Seismic Slam tips and tricks

  • Seismic Slam is a perfect way of jumping swiftly into a fight, but it’s also a brilliant way of disengaging too! Sometimes it’s a good idea to save Seismic Slam when fighting an enemy, until you know for certain how the situation will pan out. This gives you the option to flee or continue hammering away.
  • You almost always want to use Rising Uppercut before you Seismic Slam. An elevated position will let you leap further, and you’ll have more control over where you land too.
  • Make sure you’re aiming Seismic Slam correctly upon landing. There’s actually a small delay between landing and discharging of damage. Pay attention to the cone shaped reticule just before you hit the ground, and swing your mouse to where your target is positioned to land the hit.
  • If you’ve engaged with Rocket Punch and you’re suddenly face to face with an enemy, we recommend using Seismic Slam to quickly leap behind them. This will force them to turn to you, and gives you ample time to punch them in the back.
  • Get into the habit of reminding yourself that Seismic Slam – in its current state – is a mobility tool. Try not to chase kills with it, and focus on traversing maps instead. Adopting this mentality will drastically reduce the number of vulnerable positions you’ll leave yourself in.

After a comprehensive look at everything Doomfist? Our Doomfist guide contains absolutely everything you need to know about the new hero.

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