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Fortnite: All Clay Pigeon locations (Shoot a Clay Pigeon at different locations)


Every Clay Pigeon shooter location on Fortnite's map.

Our Fortnite: All Clay Pigeon locations details all the clay pigeon machine locations across Fortnite’s map to help you complete the “Shoot a Clay Pigeon at different locations” Week 3 Challenge.

For this Week 3, Season 5 Challenge, you’ve been tasked with shooting Clay Pigeons across four different locations on the map.

You might be wondering if you’ve read that correctly, especially as Clay Pigeons certainly haven’t been a part of this game before. Well, that’s because they were introduced as part of Fortnite’s 5.10 patch alongside its birthday celebrations. Epic loves giving us extra things to do in-game that aren’t just extra ways of murdering on another. First we had the interactivity of Toys like the Golf and Basketball, and now we can get involved in some good old traditional clay shooting too!

So, back to business. In order to complete this challenge then, you’ll need to shoot a total of 4 clay pigeons at different shooters/machines. Shooting 4 clays at one location won’t count. The difficulty lies in finding them in the first place, but we’ve put together a guide below that’ll take all the stress away from this task. Scroll down and you’ll see pictures and even a video guide detailing where to hunt them all down.

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to complete this challenge during Week 3 of Season 5. You’ll still be able to shoot clays until Season 5’s over as they won’t be going anywhere for now!

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All Clay Pigeon locations

To complete this challenge you’ll need to interact with the clay pigeon shooter. Once you’ve done so, it’ll fire off a clay which you’ll need to blast from the sky with a weapon of your choice.

To make life easier, we’d recommend getting hold of an SMG, Shotgun or Assault Rifle and spraying in the direction of the clay once it’s flying off into the distance. Using a Sniper Rifle or any other weapon that requires serious accuracy just isn’t worth the effort.

Having an ally interact with the clay shooter is also a time saver and will make this task a little less challenging too. Position yourself nicely and shout when you want them to release the clay – easy peasy.

It goes without saying that you won’t need to shoot multiple clays at each shooter. Just the one will do. Also, if the clay hits the ground or disappears before you’ve shot it, no surprises, you’ll have to give it another go. The UI will inform you when you’re successful, just keep an eye on the bottom left of your screen!

So without further ado, here are all the clay pigeon shooter locations we’re aware of so far. We’ll be updating this section over time, so stay tuned for more!

Clay Pigeon: Pleasant Park

To the West of Pleasant Park and tucked away right at the bottom of the enormous hillside.

Clay Pigeon: Shifty Shafts

Head West of the huge wooden chair towards the coastline and you’ll spot this Clay Pigeon Shooter next to a bright red umbrella.

Clay Pigeon: Between Tomato Town and Lazy Links

You’ll find this Clay Pigeon shooter on the bridge North of Tomato Town which you’d use to waltz over to Lazy Links. It’s on the East side of the bridge by a blue car.

Clay Pigeon: Loot Lake

North East of Loot Lake by a large willow tree.

Clay Pigeon: Paradise Palms

You’ll find this Clay Pigeon shooter directly South of Paradise Palms. Its’ near the end of the stream, next to a caravan.

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All Clay Pigeons – Video Guide

We’ve posted a video below by niitq which showcases the vast majority of Clay Pigeon locations across Fortnite’s map. It’s a great resource to bring up on screen while you’re in-game.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure you give it a thumbs-up and consider subscribing for more useful Fortnite content.

That concludes the second edition of our Clay Pigeon shooter location guide, but we’ll keep it updated and add in any more locations if we find them. Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest!

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