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Fortnite: All Dance Floor locations


Every dance floor location on Fortnite's map.

Our Dance Floors locations guide contains every dance floor location across Fortnite’s map to help you complete this Week 8 challenge.

As part of Week 8’s challenges for Battle Pass holders, players will be tasked with finding and dancing on a number of disco floors hidden across Fortnite’s map. While it might sound simple, it can be pretty difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the game’s vast map.

There aren’t actually that many Dance Floors across the map and they’re tucked away in locations that can be a real struggle to find. Thankfully they stay locked in one position, so it’s not like you’ll be rooting around for a randomised location. This also helps us, help you.

We’ve put together a guide down below that’ll take you through all the known Dance Floor locations across Fortnite’s map, along with a helpful video that’ll illustrate exactly where they are.

When you’re done here, make sure you check out our Week 8 Challenges guide and Search Between Three Boats location page as they’ll contain all the information you need to get all of them done nice and quickly!

All Dance Floor locations

Here’s a list of all the known Dance Floor locations on Fortnite’s map.

Video by niitq

  • 1. Trailer Park – In the big barn situated in the compound East of Retail Row.
  • 2. West of Pleasant Park – In the large house with the purple caravan parked outside. It’s just South of the enormous hill.
  • 3. Flush Factory – In the small building to the East side of Flush Factory.

Note that in order to complete this challenge you’ll have to bust a move on each of these dance floors. Use the emote wheel, dance and check your user interface to make sure you’re ticking them off each time.

One final piece of advice! Ensure you finish the match to complete the challenge. Quitting the match as soon as you’ve danced on all the disco floors won’t work.

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Fastest Route

To make things even simpler, here’s the route you’ll want to be taking to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

  • First off, you’ll want to land in Flush Factory and instantly head into the disco floor here. Once you’ve pulled off some sweet moves, sprint over to the West of Tilted Towers and hope that you don’t encounter any resistance on the way. If you do, try and sneak past or simply evade damage by running and erecting defensive structures.
  • When you’re done here, it’s a case of running all the way over to the Traile Park East of Retail Row and dancing one final time. Then go ahead and play out the match as you see fit!
  • Of course, it’s all up to how the Storm behaves and whether you can survive long enough. Focus on avoiding combat and covering ground to get this challenge out of the way fast.

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll continue to update this guide if we stumble into any more Dance Floor locations – stay tuned!

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