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Week 9 Challenges guide


Our comprehensive guide to completing all Week 9 Challenges in Fortnite.

Our Fortnite: Week 9 Challenges guide contains details of the new Season 3 Challenges, featuring Taco Shop locations and the Moisty Mire Treasure Map location.

UPDATE: If you’re after Season 4’s Week 9 Challenges, make sure you head on over to this page!

To mark Week 9 of Fortnite’s third season, another set of Challenges will go live in a few days. If you’ve tackled any of them before, they’ll follow a very familiar pattern. You’ll be tasked with finding treasure buried in hidden locations, eliminating enemies in specific areas, using certain weapon types to deal damage and visiting unique areas around the map.

As per usual, you’ll have to work through a fair amount to complete them all. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a guide to getting them done in double-quick time. Below we’ve broken down all of Week 9’s challenges into separate sections with strategy advice on how to get them completed, as well as links to some of our more in-depth articles that’ll explain things in a bit more detail.

First things first, here are all Week 9’s Challenges. Simply click on one of these links and it’ll whisk you over to a separate section dedicated to helping you complete it!

Fortnite: Week 9 Challenges

Here’s an overview of every Week 9 Challenge coming to Fortnite.

These are all of Week 9’s Challenges in Fortnite, then. Just below we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for getting each one finished without too much fuss.

Deal damage to opponents structures

This one’s pretty simple and it’s likely that you’ll complete this over time. All you have to do is damage enemy created structures in whatever way you see fit. Whether that means chipping forts down with an Assault Rifle, or blasting them with explosives.

Be aggressive and get into as many fights as you can. If possible, it’s worth waiting for your enemies to erect some defenses before using this as an opportunity to take them out and work towards challenge completion.

Spot people fighting in their forts? You may as well join in and start peppering their structures. Seek out any opportunity to deal damage to walls, forts, platforms – the lot.

Search Chests in Haunted Hills

To get this challenge out the way quickly, it’s all about landing in Haunted Hills from the get-go and dashing to as many chests as possible. Forget about any enemies in the area and focus on scouring this location before anyone else has a chance to crack open chests before you.

Speed up the process by exiting the game and getting straight into another one if you were eliminated or couldn’t find any chests. There’s no point waiting around!

If you’re struggling to complete this challenge thanks to the swathe of enemies descending on this location, you can always leave it a week or two. This way it won’t be so much of a hotspot and you’ll have far more breathing room to loot those all-important chests.

Build Structures

Again, this one’s plain sailing. To get this one out of the way as quickly as possible, drop in an area that’s filled to the brim with trees – Wailing Woods is a great choice. Collect as many resources as you can and forget about winning the match. Instead, craft loads of walls, platforms or whatever you fancy.

Otherwise, this is a challenge that you’ll naturally complete over time if you’re used to building structures when fighting or traversing the environment.

Visit different Taco Shops in a single match

This challenge involves visiting three Taco Shops dotted around Fortnite’s map in a single match. It’s all about finding the optimal route and going about your business as discreetly as possible. Sneak past enemies and ignore combat if possible!

To help you out with this one, we’ve found every Taco Shop locations around Fortnite’s map and also provided the fastest route for you to take. Check out our All Taco Shop locations page for a detailed look at all of their positions across the map.

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

Follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire

This week’s treasure challenge involves finding a treasure map in Moisty Mire and following its cryptic clues to a hidden locations and digging up the treasure. It’s hardly the easiest challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of Fortnite’s map.

Once we’ve located the treasure map location, we’ll produce a walkthrough to help you get it out the way with minimal fuss – stay tuned for an update very soon!

We’ve put together a preliminary guide which’ll take you through the likely location of this treasure map and the stash of goodies it’s hiding. Make sure you head on over to our Moisty Mire Treasure Map guide for the full lowdown.

Shotgun Eliminations

With this challenge, it’s important that you bag a Shotgun early on. From here, it’s key that you’re chasing down close range fights with enemies. Even if you spot an enemy over in the distance, try and close the gap by building defensive structures.

The trick with the shotgun is to make sure you’re putting in the extra split-second to land your shot in an intense duel. Try and keep on the move too as this’ll make you a tougher target to hit.

This challenge becomes even simpler if you’re playing with a duo partner or in squads. Whenever you’ve downed an enemy, switch to your shotgun and finish them off. You can also share equipment and gift each other eliminations – sharing is caring.

Eliminate Enemies in Lucky Landing

Focus all your efforts on landing in this location, looting as fast as possible and getting into fights early. This way you’ll hopefully catch enemies off guard when they’re not particularly geared up and it’ll be easier to take them on.

With this said, do be aware that almost everyone will be rooting for Lucky Landing when this challenge goes live. It might be worth waiting a week or two if things are simply too hot to handle.

That concludes the first edition of guide to completing all of Week 9’s Challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Keep this page bookmarked for any further updates as the week progresses and the challenges come closer to going live!

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