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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Double Pump Nerf guide


The Double Pump won't be nearly as effective in Season 3.

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Double Pump Nerf guide outlines exactly how the shotgun has changed, why the weapon was tweaked and the impact it will have on the game.

With the upcoming release of Patch V.3.0.0 and the start of Season 3, the option to wield two Pump Shotguns and quickly switch between them for rapid firing is to be nerfed. While some will mourn the loss of such a strong mechanic, Epic’s introduced this update in response to those with a more negative outlook.

Popularised by the streamer and pro-player Daequan, the method of switching between two, three, or even four Pump Shotguns was found to be exceptionally strong in close-range engagements. As other top players and personalities came to adopt and popularise this tactic, it wasn’t long before you’d encounter plenty of “Double Pump” players in ordinary matches.

Below we’ll guide you through why the Double Pump is so strong, how the nerf is going to affect its usage, and consider other alternatives you can use for close-range engagements instead.

Double Pump Nerf Overview

Here’s how Epic have nerfed the Double Pump and when the change is arriving in game.

  • If you fire the Pump Shotgun and quickly switch weapons, the next time it’s selected it will be forced to pump before firing again.
  • This feature will only be enabled for Pump Shotguns, although Epic will closely monitor other weapon types for similar concerns.
  • The “Double Pump” nerf is coming with Patch V.3.0.0 and the start of Season 3. Currently there is no release date for this patch, but we’ll update our official Season 3 guide when we know more.

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Why has Double Pump been nerfed?

Cycling between Pump Shotguns in your inventory enables players to fire Shotgun blasts much faster than they’d otherwise be able to by traditionally reloading the weapon. It lets you skip the reload animation when switching to another Pump Shotgun which saves a great deal of time.

For context, here’s Daequan’s tutorial video on how to use Double Pump, before demonstrating why it’s so strong on some poor unsuspecting players.

Are there any alternatives to Double Pump?

Now that Double Pump is being removed from the game, this will allow other close-range weapons to shine. One that’s been gaining traction as of late is the Tactical SMG, a fast-firing Submachine Gun which is capable of completely shredding targets.

It’s always been fairly strong, but since Patch V.2.5.0 its magazine size was increased from 30-35 alongside a firing rate increase of 10-13. We now liken it to a handheld Minigun – it’s ridiculously strong.

This clip of pro player Myth using it throughout an entire match showcases how it’s able to delete enemies in seconds if you can get close enough!

Will Double Tac SMG be the new meta once the Double Pump Nerf goes live? For now we’ll have to wait and see.

For an in depth look at all the best weapons in the game, take a look at our weapons tier list and best guns and other weapons guides!

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